Top 10 Best Selling Massage Chairs

Welcome to - The Massage Chair Experts®. Here is our most recent list of our Top Ten Best-Selling Massage Chairs of 2018. We have divided it into two sections to make it easier to navigate.

We are the #1 dealer of massage chairs online. We test and review all of the models that we carry, and all of the massage chairs on our list are from the most reputable brands in the industry.

Top 5 Best Premium Massage Chairs

Ogawa Smart 3D™


The Ogawa Smart 3D continues to be one of our best-selling massage chair of 2018. The Smart 3D is one of the most advanced massage chairs on the market. It uses Japanese style roller technology and advanced body scan which accurately maps the users' unique s-curve for one of the most precise and humanistic massages on any chair. The Smart 3D features a touchscreen Samsung tablet remote that comes preloaded with Ogawa's Smart App Technology which allows you to navigate its features. The Smart 3D is also the only massage chair that is WiFi enabled, and that can be updated with new software and programs. Some other significant innovations are SmartSense technology, touch stop sensors, 17 unique programs, 12 massage techniques, foot rollers, noise reduction technology, self-diagnostics and much more. The Smart 3D is one of the best massage chairs we have ever used. It is perfect for anyone looking for a top of the line chair with all the bells and whistles.

Cozzia Qi


Since the Cozzia Qi was released, it has been one of our best-selling high-end massage chairs. The Qi is the most advanced massage chair currently on the market regarding technology, accuracy, customization, and quality, it is unmatched. The Qi features Cozzia’s proprietary 4D Vario Motion roller technology, which is the most precise and human-like that we have ever experienced.The Qi also features an Apple Ipad as the remote and uses the Qi Smart App to control the chair’s functions, as well as a Doctor App that measures each unique users tension and creates a specialized program to target the specific stress areas. A feature we have never seen in a massage chair. If you’re looking for the best massage chair on the market, then click the button below. The Cozzia Qi is worth it!

Osaki Maestro


The Osaki Pro Maestro is the newest release from Osaki, and it has quickly become one of our best-selling premium massage chairs. The Maestro is one of the first 4D L-Track massage chairs that delivers one of the most realistic massages we have ever experienced. The L-Track extends from the neck all the way to the glute for 35% more roller coverage, which is excellent for users with hip or sciatica issues. And the heated 4D rollers (Yes, the rollers are heated!) are smoother and more humanlike than a 3D massage chair. The Maestro also features a kneading knee massage, immersive foot massage, full body air compression, deep neck and glute massage, a premium sound system, and more. The Maestro has it all! If your looking for the best top of the line massage chair, then the maestro should be on the top of your list.

Human Touch Novo XT


The Human Touch Novo XT is the top of the line massage chair from Human Touch, and quickly became one of our top sellers. The Novo XT is one of the first massage chairs to combine an L-Track design with the benefits of 3D roller technology. The advanced 3D technology provides a deep massage along the entire spine and under the glute muscles. It also has 34 massage programs, full body stretch, zero gravity, space saving, design, and Bluetooth speakers. The Novo XT is a perfect chair if you’re looking for a high-end L-Track loaded with features.

Osaki Pro Ekon


The Osaki Pro Ekon is a new release for 2018 and is another high-end 3D L-Track massage chair to make this list. The Ekon has a premium design that our customers love. The Ekon is excellent for all types of users anywhere from 5' to 6'5", so it's perfect for taller users. There is also more room in the shoulders and seat area than most models so it can fit almost anyone. The Ekon also has one of the longest roller tracks on any model, and it extends past the glute muscles. The Ekon is loaded with every feature to get a full body massage and more, which includes waist twist, deep kneading foot rollers, kneading calf massage, and space-saving technology. The unique look and professional massage make the Ekon one of the top models this year.

Top 5 Best Mid-Priced Massage Chairs

Ogawa Active L™


The Ogawa Active L has quickly become one of the best-selling L-Track massage chairs this year, and for a good reason, it's a high-quality model from Ogawa one of the leading massage chair manufactures in the world. The Active L is a step-up from the best-selling SuperTrac and offers a more in-depth massage, and an easy to use touch-screen tablet that our customers love. The Active L can provide a deep massage from the neck to the glutes with the rollers. Getting a massage in this area is excellent for people with hip, sciatica, lower back, or piriformis issues. The Active L is perfect for just about anyone looking for a new massage chair. If you are looking for a massage chair under $3,000, then the Active L should be at the top of the list.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim


The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is our best-selling mid-priced massage chairs. The Maxim is the only L-Track massage chair that features an easy to use touchscreen tablet. This remote allows for easy navigation of all the programs and easily allows the user to target specific pain areas. The Maxim is a great looking massage chair with a sleek design, and it's very comfortable to sit in. The Osaki Maxim has all the features you need to get a full body massage plus zero gravity, and foot rollers, and Bluetooth compatibility with built-in speakers. So far we have had nothing but great reviews, and it has quickly become a customer favorite. If you're looking for massage chair with the perfect blend of features, quality, and price then check out the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim.

Ogawa Touch 3D


If your looking the best 3D massage chair for under $4,000, then look no further then the Ogawa Touch 3D. It should be no surprise that the Touch 3D is one of the most popular massage chairs on our website. The Touch 3D features the same Japanese style roller technology and double-sensing body that make the Smart 3D so popular. The Touch 3D also features a wired touch-screen tablet, and every features you need on a massage chair and more. Another reason the Touch 3D is so great is that it can satisfy just about any user. The 3D roller easily adjusts for a light massage or a deep tissue massage when needed. The Ogawa Touch 3D is perfect for anyone looking for a top of the line 3D massage chair under $4,000.

Titan Pro Executive


The Titan Pro Executive is one of our best-selling 3D massage chairs for the price. It is loaded with features and offers a deep tissue massage with a very reasonable price tag. It has 3D roller technology that can extend 4” into the body for a full body deep tissue massage. The roller applies deep pressure along your entire spine from your neck to your tailbone. It also features deep kneading foot rollers, zero gravity recline, full body air compression, stretch features, heat, Bluetooth connectivity w/ speakers, and more. The Titan Pro Executive is one of the best deals on the market for a 3D massage chair and is one of our top picks for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage chair under $3,000.

Ogawa Refresh Plus


The Ogawa Refresh continues to be one of our best sellers around $2,000 and is a chair we highly recommend. It also has the most customer referrals than most of the chairs we sell. The Refresh goes toe to toe with any massage chair at its price point and offers the best deep neck massage in its class. This is a big plus when compared to other models. It also has a compact design and is perfect for someone looking for a massage chair that isn’t too bulky. The Ogawa Refresh has every feature you need to get a great full body massage. It has zero gravity recline, heat, stretching, full body air and SmartCurve technology for a deeper neck massage. The Refresh continues to be a best-seller. If you're looking for a high-quality full body massage chair that doesn’t break the bank, then the Ogawa Refresh is the chair for you.