Titan Pro Executive Review

Titan Pro Executive Review – Best 3D Massage Chair for the Price

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Titan Pro Executive – Best 3D Massage Chair for the Price

The Titan Pro Executive is one of the best deals on the market for a 3D massage chair. It features 3D roller technology and an expansive feature set all for a great price. It is one of our top recommendations for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage chair for under $3,000. Let’s check out our review on the Titan Pro Executive below.

Who is it for?

Titan Pro Executive Masage Chair ReviewThe Titan Pro Executive is perfect for anyone that enjoys a deep pressure massage or requires an intense neck and shoulder massage. The 3D rollers provide a deep massage along the entire spine, and the deep kneading foot rollers apply a massage from the tips of the toes to the heel of the foot. This is a great chair for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage. That being said, we would not recommend it to anyone who enjoys a light or mild massage.

Recommended User Height Range:

The manufacturer has a recommended user height range of 5’ to 6’5”, however, in our experience we find that this chair is best for users’ over 5’2”.

3D Roller Technology – Adjusts up to 4″

The best feature of the Titan Pro Executive is the 3D Roller Technology. This you can feel right away in any of the auto programs. The roller can extend up to 4” into the body delivering a deep massage or easily retract for a lighter one. The roller mechanism can be adjusted in both the auto and manual programs making it easy to find the perfect roller intensity. One thing to note is the 3D technology in the Titan Pro Executive is pretty powerful and it delivers a deep massage even on its lightest setting. If you needed a lighter massage, then you can easily place a throw blanket over the rollers and this will help decrease the intensity.

Full Body Air Compression

There are 79 airbags that are strategically placed on the chair and are located in the shoulders, arms, seat, hips, legs, calves, and feet. These provide a compression massage which is perfect for increasing the circulation in your body. The air compression is used throughout the chair in any of the programs, or you can use them independently in the manual mode. Air massage is a necessity on any new massage chair to provide a full body massage, and the Titan Pro Executive is above average when compared to other massage chairs in its price range.

Neck & Shoulder Massager

The Titan Pro Executive has one of the best neck and shoulder massages on any massage chair. The 3D roller can extend over the shoulder and press down on the top of the shoulders or the Trapezius muscles. There is even a dedicated program for this. Just hit the Shoulder Program button and the rollers will scan and find you shoulders and perform a targeted deep kneading massage to your neck and shoulders. This is a great program that is not found on many chairs. It feels great after a long day and is perfect for relaxing tense muscles in the neck region.

Full Body Stretch Program

This stretch program is one of my favorite programs on this chair, and one that you will come to love. The Titan Pro Executive stretches your back, waist, and legs. It uses the 3D roller technology to stretch the upper back and pectoral region, and then uses the air compression in the seat to provide a torso twist stretching the lower back. The chair then will recline back to stretch out your lower back and waist. This is one of the best programs on the Titan Pro Executive and it is more advanced than comparable chairs.

Deep Kneading Foot Massage

If you enjoy a deep foot massage, then you will enjoy the foot roller feature on the Titan Pro Executive. There are three rollers with over 80 massage nodes to deliver an intense foot massage. I really like this feature because the rollers massage the almost my entire foot, where some chairs just massage the arch of the foot. The rollers help release tension to the bottoms of the feet and are a great feature for anyone that suffers from sore and tired feet.

Other Features Worth Mentioning

Some other features that the Titan Pro Executive have that are worth mentioning are zero gravity recline, heat in the knees, a downloadable app to control the chair, and Bluetooth technology that lets you play your favorite music through 2 speakers located next to the users head.


The Titan Pro Executive retails for $3,995. However, we are currently running a special that takes an additional $1000 off, bringing the price down to $2,999.

Our Recommendation – Massage Chair Experts™

The Titan Pro Executive is the best 3D massage chair for the price. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a massage chair that has all the bells & whistles, a deep pressure massage, and a great price tag. This is perfect for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage, but not for anyone needing a lighter massage. If you are looking for the best value and a deep massage, then you will not find a better 3D massage chair for the price.


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    How is this compared osaki pro maxim?
    My wife is 5’1″ and she fit well in the osaki pro maxim. She wants deep neck and shoulder massage. The maxim is an L track so i know it has a longer massage track. Id like to know your thoughts.

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    Can this chair be used as a comfortable regular reclining chair when not using the massage feature?

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