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Top Pick for 2017

The Ogawa Refresh massage chair is one of the newest releases from Ogawa, one of the most popular massage chair brands in all of Asia. The Ogawa Refresh offers a deep neck massage, a sleek & sporty design, and can massage you from your head to toe, and at a reasonable price. It is one of our top picks for 2016 and is one of the best values of the year. There are not too many massage chairs under $3,000 that offer full body massage, and that has the feature set of the Ogawa Refresh.
Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair Review

Sleek & Sporty Design

Over the years, Ogawa has been known for building high-quality massage chairs and the Ogawa Refresh is a perfect example of this. From the sleek design and sporty material, the Refresh definitely shines next to most massage chairs. It not only looks clean, but it also has a sturdy, quality build, which you can feel as soon as you sit down in it. The Ogawa Refresh is also one of the easiest massage chairs to install - it almost comes ready to use right out of the box. The Refresh has a compact design that makes it easy to move and it is not so bulky like many massage chairs on the market.

Deep Neck Massage

This is one of our favorite features on the Ogawa Refresh. It has upgraded roller track technology that Ogawa calls Smart Curve technology. The Smart Curve roller track adds an extra emphasis to the cervical curve of the spine, which allows the rollers to put extra pressure down on the neck due to the angle of the roller track. This is nice because, in a lot of massage chairs, you have to work to get good pressure on your neck and shoulders. The chair contours the spine very accurately to give the perfect pressure all along your back.

31 Inch Roller Stroke

When searching for a massage chair, the most important thing to think about is if it is going to fit you properly and if the massage will accommodate your body size and your preferences. The Ogawa Refresh uses a 31-inch roller stroke which is going to reach almost every user from the base of the tailbone to the back of the head. We recommend this chair for everyone from about 5 feet to 6 feet 3 inches.

Zero Gravity Recline

Who doesn’t love zero gravity? This feature alone is a reason to own any massage chair. This is a recline position where the seat reclines and the base rotates back allowing the chair to bring your knees above your heart. This helps take the pressure off of your spine, allowing for a deeper and more relaxing massage. The Ogawa Refresh has 2 zero gravity recline positions that can be activated with just one button.

Heat and Vibration Therapy

Heat is another addition to the Refresh that helps to relax the muscles in your back. Before the rollers get going, I like to heat up my back to warm the muscles. You’ll also enjoy invigorating vibration massage which is great for eliminating toxins in the body.

Full Body Air Compression Massage

Almost all massage chairs incorporate some air compression to massage the areas of the body that are not massaged by the roller mechanism. The Refresh has a full body air compression system using air chambers throughout the chair to aid in both stretching and the humanistic feel of the massage programs. Especially nice are the foot and calf air chambers which place the perfect amount of pressure to stimulate circulation and relax sore muscles with nodes at the back of the ankle and calf as well as under the foot.


The Ogawa Refresh features chromotherapy lights on the side of the chair that we find adds an extra element of relaxation to your massage when used in a dark room. The Refresh has 3 color choices, Blue, Red, and Green, that can be selected on the remote. Each color is known to activate a certain mood or feeling and aids in healing. I find blue to be best for relaxing the body at night and red to be perfect to energize the body during a morning massage to start the day off right.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Refresh is such a well-rounded chair! There are not many chairs that tout all of these great features in this price range and none that use this quality of materials and craftsmanship. If you're looking for a massage chair under $3,000, the Ogawa Refresh is one of our top picks. There are not many massage chairs at this price point that offers all these great features.
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