Ogawa Active L Review

Ogawa Active L Massage Chair Review

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Ogawa Active L Massage Chair Review

The Ogawa Active L may be an unsung hero in the world of massage chairs. As a mid-priced massage chair offering many of the features of massage chairs almost twice its price, including an L-Track massage system, an intuitive touchscreen controller, and Bluetooth connectivity, the Ogawa Active L provides the massage therapy you want right at home without breaking the bank.

Sure, you could spend more a massage chair with these features. But you don’t have to. Let’s look at some of the features that make the Ogawa Active L such a great value.

L-Track Rollers for a Full-Body Massage that Extends from Head to Glutes

When S-Track technology came out, contouring massage rollers to the shape of your spine, users loved this development. From the neck to the lower back, users could enjoy the perfect massage with just the right pressure.

But you couldn’t enjoy the same benefits of a roller massage below the waist. The L-Track changed all this with a massage that extends into your glutes. And few massage chairs work these areas better than the Ogawa Active L. Consistent pressure where you need it most loosens tight muscles for days.

Computer Body Scan System and Auto Leg Scan Provides a Perfect Fit in Ogawa Active L

One of the benefits of a massage therapist over a massage chair is that a human being can offer a customized massage regardless of your height, weight, or body shape. There is only so much rollers and air bags can do to accommodate different bodies in a massage chair.

That’s where the advanced computer body scan system in the Ogawa Active L comes in. The technology maps the curves of your back, so the rollers deliver a more precise massage.

The body scan system includes an automatic leg scan. The legs of the chair extend and retract at the beginning of the massage to measure a perfect fit. Press your toes down once the adjustable legs have reached the right length. This creates a feeling of being fully enveloped in the massage chair, and also ensures the airbags on the legs, feet, and calves apply pressure to the right areas.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more customized massage from a massage chair at any price point.

Ogawa Active L Uses NASA-inspired Zero Gravity Technology for Greater Massage Comfort

Zero gravity massage chairs like the Ogawa Active L take pressure off your back to reduce compression stress for greater comfort. They also allow the rollers to deliver a deeper, more intense massage.

The massage chair can be used in the Zero-G position to maximize the experience. The Ogawa Active L offers two Zero-G positions, one where the legs are elevated well above the heart, and the other with the legs in alignment with the upper body. Choose zero gravity or rest with your feet reclined and your back more upright for a less intense massage.

Air Massage That Covers More Area

For areas the roller can’t reach, the Ogawa Active L provides airbag massage therapy. The airbags on the Ogawa Active L have been re-designed with next-generation technology to deliver a comfortable and invigorating compression massage on the arms, shoulders, calves, feet, hips, and lumbar region.

The re-engineered airbags in the Ogawa Active L are quieter, more durable, and more energy efficient than their predecessors while covering more surface area. Fewer airbags also mean fewer components to break, resulting in an overall more durable massage chair.

The arm massagers offers unique massaging sensations as the massage chair envelops both the top and bottom of your hands and forearms in soft cushions of air.

The airbags on the hips hold you in place as the back massage rollers work on the lower back, countering your natural inclination to squirm or lift your body. This enables a deeper massage with the comfort of airbags enveloping your body. The chair provides a light to deep intense massage, which is perfect for multiple users. Those accustomed to the benefits of deep tissue massage will enjoy the extra depth and power.

The Ogawa Active L airbags are soft and comfortable, but durable enough to hold up against daily use. They blend with the aesthetics of the chair to provide a total package that looks great in any room of your home.

Reflexology Massage for the Feet Stimulates Acupuncture Points for Greater Well-being

You may have heard of the benefits of reflexology to assist with digestion, pain, stress, and a number of other ailments. Dual rollers on the top and bottom of your feet in the Ogawa Active L massage chair stimulate acupuncture points with soothing kneading motions.

If you have sampled reflexology and shiatsu massages on your feet, this could be a no-compromise feature you want in your massage chair. It’s not available in every model, though, especially in mid-priced massage chairs. The Ogawa Active L excels at providing high-level features at a mid-level price, and the reflexology feature is one you may not want to live without.

Heat and Vibration Therapy for Increased Comfort and Relaxation

There is nothing like settling into a heated massage chair after work. The Ogawa Active L offers both heat and vibration in the seat and lower back for pain relief and relaxation.

Heated pads on each side of the lumbar region offer added comfort and help loosen muscles so you can get more out of your massage. The vibrating seat also loosens and relaxes muscles.

If you spend all day driving or in an office chair, you know how important it is to get a massage that focuses on lower back muscles and the spine to alleviate pain and tightness. After just a few minutes in the massage chair using these two functions, you can feel simultaneously relaxed and invigorated, while pain dissipates.

Flexible Choice of Programs for the Massage You Want and Need

The Ogawa Active L provides a wide variety of massage options frequently found in much higher priced models.

The manual mode lets you customize the type of massage, the position of the chair, positions for air massage, and the areas targeted with both the airbags and rollers. Massage types include: Kneading, Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling.

Not every user wants a full body massage every time they sit in their massage chair. If you are short on time and want to focus on just a few problem spots or areas where you feel pain, the manual mode offers this flexibility.

Intuitive Touch Screen Remote for Easy Adjustments

Selecting a program and adjusting the speed and intensity settings is easy with the Ogawa Active L massage chair’s intuitive touchscreen remote. Unlike other massage chairs which require you to toggle between settings or decode LED lights to determine your choices, the large and user-friendly touchscreen lets you choose the massage type, intensity, speed, and target area easily.

There’s no need to download an app for touchscreen functionality when it is all at your fingers with the Ogawa Active L’s included remote.

Light and Sound Help You Set the Mood

Bluetooth connectivity enables you to play your favorite music through the integrated speakers during your massage. Fall asleep to white noise or nature sounds, relax with a guided meditation, or just enjoy your favorite tunes.

Cool blue LED lights on the sides of the chair illuminate the walls in a darkened room to further create a peaceful, multi-sensory sanctuary.

Our Recommendation – Massage Chair Experts™

The Ogawa Active L is compact in design and features a space-saving, wall-hugging design that needs just four-six inches of clearance when reclined. This means the Ogawa Active L can accommodate various body types but also fit in rooms that may not have a lot of extra space.

In a choice of black, Black/Cappuccino, and Graphite/Ivory the Ogawa Active L fits well in a living room, media room, home library or any other space where you might want to relax and experience the benefits of an excellent massage in what is sure to become your favorite chair.

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