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New Release – Ogawa Refresh Plus, Active L, Ogawa Touch 3D

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Ogawa an International Leader

Ogawa, a worldwide leader in health and wellness has just released three amazing new massage chairs. These chairs will be added to the existing line of highly popular and highly rated massage chairs. Ogawa is a pioneer in the subtle science of combing beautiful and comfortable furniture with advanced massage technology. Their recent releases which include the Touch 3D, the Refresh Plus, and the Active L, will be very exciting for shoppers.

These chairs have already received a high amount of positive feedback, and we’re excited to offer them to our shoppers. Below we take an introductory look at the Refresh Plus, the Active L, and the Touch 3D.

Ogawa Refresh Plus

The Ogawa Refresh Plus is an upgraded chair of their highly rated Ogawa Refresh. The chair is just as comfortable as the original and offers all of the high quality features as the original. From first glance the chair has taken on a new look with a two tone color scheme. The upholstery has also been upgraded to have a more comfortable and lifelike leather feel. The Ogawa Refresh Plus has a very smooth and humanistic quad-style roller. With its 30 inch roller this chair can pinpoint the neck and shoulders, and can reach down to the lower back where a lot of people develop soreness over time. One of the major upgrades is the Touch Screen remote which makes the use of the chair a breeze. This ease of use adds a major level of relaxation by avoiding the stress of having to figure out the remote. The shiatsu style foot rollers are another major upgrade. The foot rollers are covered with the lush upholstery and feel very comfortable and therapeutic under the feet. Since this is a new release it will have all the advanced electronic components and software that Ogawa has just developed. The new Refresh Plus has additional upgrades that are listed below.

  • Upgrade Highlights

    • Quad-style 2D roller
    • Two Tone Color Scheme
    • Touch Screen Tablet
    • 6 Automatic Programs compared to 4 on the Original
    • Foot Rollers
    • Spring Loaded Ottoman for No Touch Adjusting
    • 7 Massage Modes (styles + dual action) compared to 6 on the Original
    • Upgraded internal mechanisms for better performance

Ogawa Active L

Next is the Ogawa Active L. This new L-track style massage chair is Ogawa’s newest massage chair. This chair is also an upgraded version of the highly rated Ogawa Active SuperTrac massage chair. The new modern design will have a more luxurious look and has been upgraded with Ogawa’s patented touch screen remote. This chair has many features that shoppers will be looking for in the new L-track style massage chairs. This includes a high quality quad-style 47 inch roller, which is capable of massaging tight areas like the nape of the neck, all the way down to the glute muscles. This chair has body scan technology, electronic leg scan, and a full body airbag compression massage system. Users will have plenty of massage styles to choose from with the 8 automatic programs as well as quick demo style program. This is one of the only massage chairs with such intelligently designed programs that offer the users the best of what the chair has to offer. This includes a targeted glute program, spine correction program, neck and shoulder program, and a stretch program. The Active L also comes in three two tone colors that have a luxurious look and feel. The quilted upholstery is one of Ogawa’s signature styles. The Airbag compression system provides full body coverage with 36 airbags, and is enhanced by the comfortable high quality upholstery. The Ogawa Active L will exceed people’s expectations and provide one the most lifelike and relaxing experiences a chair can provide. This chair will also fit into tight spaces with space saving technology. Here are a few of the standout features that we’re excited to introduce.

  • Ogawa Active L Highlights

    • 47 inch Quad-style L-track Roller
    • Touch Screen Remote
    • Neck & Shoulder Targeting Programs
    • Glute Targeting Programs
    • Advanced Massage Programming
    • 2 Zero Gravity Positions
    • Shiatsu Style Foot Massage
    • Bluetooth Speakers
    • Silent Design
    • Energy Conservation mode

Ogawa Touch 3D

Next is the Ogawa Touch 3D. Designed with the same handsome silhouette of Ogawa’s highest rated chair – the Ogawa Smart 3D. This beautiful design provides the high quality dual head 3D massage roller that Ogawa is known for. Ogawa introduced a new color option with the Ivory exterior and chocolate interior. This chair is also available in the attractive Black exterior and Cappuccino interior. There are a lot of options that one can expect from the Touch 3D. This includes the six strength settings on the 3D roller, 3D body scan, a 64 airbag compression massage system, two zero gravity positions, one touch recline, and advanced massage programming. The shiatsu style foot rollers provide a relieving deep tissue massage to the bottoms of the feet. The Bluetooth speakers and chromotherapy provide an enhanced massage experience that creates a personal spa like experience. To help create an experience that is unique and stress free the Ogawa Touch 3D comes with the patented Ogawa touch screen remote. The spring loaded ottoman allows for no touch leg adjustments so that a person can get a perfect fit instantly. We’re excited to help shoppers learn more about this massage chair.

  • Ogawa Touch 3D Highlights

    • High quality Dual Head 3D roller with 6 levels of Intensity
    • Back Massage that Ranges from Very Light to Deep tissue massage
    • Touch Screen Remote
    • Advanced Massage Programming
    • 9 Automatic Programs
    • Shiatsu Style Foot Rollers
    • Spring Loaded Ottoman for No Touch Adjusting
    • Chromotherapy
    • Bluetooth Speakers
    • Silent Design
    • Energy Conservation mode

As the Massage Chair Experts we couldn’t be more excited about these new releases. We’ll continue to explore all of the models and features, and offer shoppers an unprecedented amount of knowledge and expertise in helping shoppers choose the right model.

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