Summer Massage Chair Deals 2017

We’re celebrating Summer this year with some fantastic deals on our best-selling products. Here’s a list of some of our top deals this month. We also offer Free Shipping & No Sales Tax on everything!

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Deal of the Month!

Cozzia CZ-629

Deal of the Month!
Only $4,999 after $2000 Instant Coupon

The Cozzia CZ-629 is our featured Deal of The Month! You can get the CZ-629 for Only $4,999. It regularly retails for $6,999, but we are currently offering a $2000 Instant Coupon.

This is an Exclusive Special! The Cozzia CZ-629 is only sold in Brick and Mortar retailers, but we have it available Online for a Very Limited Time.

*The Cozzia CZ-629 is the same exact massage chair as the Ogawa Smart 3D, but with a more traditional design. The CZ-629 has all the same features, as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Smart Apps just like the Smart 3D.

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Massage Chair of the Year!

Cozzia Qi – 4D Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair of 2017

The Cozzia Qi is our Top Pick for best new massage chair of 2017. The Qi is the most advanced massage chair currently on the market, and it features Cozzia’s proprietary 4D Vario Motion roller technology. This advanced 4D roller is the most precise and human-like that we have ever experienced in a massage chair.

The Qi also features an Apple Ipad as the remote and uses the Qi Smart App to control the chair’s functions. One of the coolest features is the Doctor App that measures each unique users tension and creates a specialized program to target the specific stress areas.

The Cozzia Qi also features advanced body scan, deep kneading foot rollers, deep tissue massage programs, advanced stretching, chromotherapy, 13 massage programs, and Bluetooth with speakers. If you’re looking for the best massage chair on the market, then click the button below. The Cozzia Qi is worth every penny!

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Massage Chair for Under $600

Human Touch i-Joy Active 2.0

Only $549 with Free Foot Massager ($149 in Saving)

The i-Joy Active 2.0 offers the benefits of massage for only $549, and for a limited time you will receive a Free i-Joy 2.0 Foot Massager which is a $149 in Savings!

The i-Joy Active 2.0 has all the features to give you a great massage. The i-Joy’s roller technology and air compression delivers a personal massage that will leave you feeling stress-free!

Learn More – I-Joy Active 2.0

Blowout Deal!

Ogawa Refresh

Only $1,799 after $600 Off Coupon

The Ogawa Refresh is another great deal this month, and is the perfect massage chair for anyone! The Refresh has unique Smart Curve technology that is able to perform a deeper more precise neck & shoulder massage then any chair in its price range. The Refresh also has zero gravity, heat, full body air compression, spot treatment, and every feature you need to get a full body massage. The Refresh is a steal at $1,799. You will not find a better quality chair under $2,000.

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Cozzia 16027

Only $1899 – Regular Price $2,999

Get the Cozzia 16027 for only$1,899. The CZ-16027 usually sells for $2,999, but we are offering $1100 off instantly (no coupon needed).

The Cozzia 16027 is the same exact massage chair as the popular Osaki OS-4000, but without shoulder and arm compression. This is a great chair for anyone looking at the OS-4000 and wants to save money, or for larger individuals that do not fit in the OS-4000.

We only have a limited stock of brown, so get one quick, they are going fast!

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New Releases

Ogawa Evol

Ogawa Touch 3D

Best Sellers on Sale

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim

Only $3,299 after $1700 Off Coupon

The Osaki Pro Maxim is one of our bestsellers, and is based on the same L-Track technology as the OS-4000LS, but with more features. The Maxim has a touchscreen tablet remote, which is much easier to see and navigate. It has more programs, deeper massage settings , Bluetooth technology with speakers, and an automated leg rest for easy adjustments. The Maxim is easily one of the best deals this month. Just read the reviews!

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Infinity Escape

Only $2995

The Infinity Escape is quickly becoming a bestseller. The Escape has a sleek look that our customers just love. It has a light to med massage and can accommodate a user up to 6’4”, which makes it an excellent chair for the whole family. The Escape also has deep kneading foot rollers, space saving design, as well as an excellent stretch program. If you’re looking for a nice massage chair that looks good in any room, then checkout the Infinity Escape.

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Titan Pro Executive

Only $2,995 after $1000 Coupon

The Titan Pro Executive is our best-selling 3D massage chair for the price. It features 3D roller technology that can deliver one of the best neck & shoulder massages on any massage chair. The 3D roller has multiple intensities from medium to very deep pressure and is perfect for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage. The Titan Pro Executive also has an amazing full body stretch program, as well as a unique waist-twist feature that helps relieve tension to the lower back and hips. If you’re looking for the best 3D massage chair for the price, then look no further.

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$3,000 – $5,000

Ogawa Touch 3D

$500 Off Instantly. Only $4,999

The Ogawa Touch 3D is another new release from Ogawa and is a step up from the Osaki Pro Dreamer. The Touch 3D features more advanced 3D technology with double-sensing body scan for a more precise and accurate massage. The Touch 3D also utilizes a touch-screen remote that is much easier to use and navigate, a better stretching program, and Bluetooth technology. The Touch 3D is one of our favorite new releases of 2017, and is one of the best 3D massage chair on the market.

Learn More – Ogawa Touch 3D

Top of the Line $5,000 and Up

Ogawa Smart 3D

Only $6,499 after $500 Coupon w/ Free 5 Year Warranty

The Ogawa Smart 3D continues to be our best-selling massage chair of 2017. The Smart 3D is one of the most advanced massage chairs on the market. It uses Japanese style roller technology and advanced body scan which accurately maps the users’ unique s-curve for one of the most precise and humanistic massages on any chair. It features a touchscreen Samsung tablet remote that comes pre-loaded with Ogawa’s Smart App Technology which allows you to navigate its features. The Smart 3D is also the only massage chair that is WiFi enabled, and you can easily stream videos and music, or even catch up on your email. Some other significant innovations are SmartSense technology, touch stop sensors, 17 unique programs, 12 massage techniques, foot rollers, noise reduction technology, self-diagnostics and much more. The Smart 3D is one of the best massage chairs we have ever used. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of quality and price, then the Smart 3D should be on top of your list.

Learn More – Ogawa Smart 3D

Human Touch Novo XT

Free 5 Year Extended Warranty & White Glove

The Human Touch Novo XT is one of the newest releases from Human Touch, and it has quickly become one of our top sellers. The Novo XT is one of the first massage chairs to combine an L-Track design with the benefits of 3D roller technology. The combination of these two technologies has put the Novo XT into a class of its own. The advanced 3D technology provides a deep massage along the entire spine and under the glute muscles. It also has 34 massage programs, full body stretch, zero gravity, space saving, design, and Bluetooth speakers. The Novo XT is a perfect chair if you’re looking for a high-end L-Track loaded with features.

Learn More – HT Novo XT

Inada Dreamwave

Only $8,999. Made in Japan. Free White Glove Delivery

The Inada Dreamwave is one of the most popular massage chairs on the market. It features proprietary massage technology that provides a smooth and fluid massage that mimics the sensation of human hands. The Dreamwave combines 3D roller technology and over 100 air compression cells to provide a full body massage that has over 1,200 square inches of total coverage, which is the most on any massage chair. The Dreamwave is also manufactured in Japan and is one of the best quality massage chairs on the market that is tested to last over 20 years. The Dreamwave is another model that should be on your list if you are looking for the best.

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