Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Massage Chair Gift Guide 2018 from the Massage Chair Experts

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Give Dad the gift of relaxation this Father’s Day.

Scrambling for a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Tired of ties, tools, and golf tees?

A massage chair could be the perfect addition to the living room, media room, or man cave of that special someone. With massage chair models at prices to fit virtually every budget (and financing available), you’ll find a present your husband, father, grandfather, brother, or any other man in your life will treasure for years.

If you’ve never purchased a massage chair before, it can be confusing. There are so many options and choices: Zero gravity, Extra-long L-track, 3D massage rollers with heat, iPad or tablet control, State-of-the-art Bluetooth speakers, and so much more.

Before choosing your chair, make a list of the features you think your father or husband will enjoy. Also keep his size in mind, because some models are made specifically to accommodate taller people.

Finally, figure out how much you can afford. And remember you can opt for low monthly payments.

Then let our Ultimate Father’s Day Massage Chair Gift Guide help you select the best chair for the special guys in your life.

1. Ogawa Active L Massage Chair

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Ogawa Active L Massage ChairDeemed the Best L-Track Massage Chair by multiple massage chair review sites, the Ogaway Active L sells for under $5,000 and provides nearly everything you’d expect in luxury massage chairs costing almost double the price.

First, understand that the L-Track technology is actually an extra-long hybrid SL track, which means the roller track conforms to your spine and also extends into the seat of the chair, delivering an amazing massage to your glutes and thighs.

The Ogawa Active L has two zero gravity positions, so Dad can recline fully to enjoy an entirely immersive massage experience, or enjoy the rejuvenating, heart-healthy benefits of zero gravity massage while still carrying on a conversation or watching the game.

Foot rollers, Bluetooth connectivity, a tablet-based controller, nine automatic massage programs, and 40 airbags for a comfortable, full-body compression massage are some of the noteworthy features that make the Ogawa Active L a best-in-class massage chair.

Best of all, the Ogawa Active L can fit comfortably in any room of the home with a space-saving, wall-hugging design.

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2. Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair

Bestselling L-Track Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage ChairThe Osaki OS-Pro Maxim retails for a few thousand less than the Active L, providing a more affordable option with many of the same features, including zero gravity (just one setting) and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim has been a bestseller amongst L-Track massage chairs since its launch. It delivers a medium strength massage and includes features such as Next Generation air massage technology, which increases the surface coverage of the airbags and valves while reducing the number of air pumps and valves for a quieter, more tranquil massage experience.

The body scan technology on the Osaki Pro Maxim maps the curve of your back, so the rollers deliver a precise massage that hits all the pressure points effectively.

Add a touchscreen tablet controller, LED chromotherapy, Bluetooth, foot rollers, lower back heat and 12 automatic programs, and it’s easy to see the Osaki Maxim delivers everything you could want in a massage chair for a lot less than you might expect to spend.

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3. Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

Best 3D Massage Chair

Ogawa Smart 3D Massage ChairHands-down, Ogawa makes some of the best, most technologically advanced massage chairs at any price. The Ogawa Smart 3D is an excellent choice if you are looking for Japanese-engineered 3D roller technology to deliver a deeper, more effective massage.

The dual head rollers offer six levels of intensity and six different massage techniques to loosen and revitalize muscles for long-lasting pain relief. The Ogawa Smart 3D’s shoulder airbags adjust to three different widths, making it perfect for people with broad shoulders.

Use the included Android tablet and intuitive mobile app to choose from 17 massage programs that combine techniques like kneading, Swedish massage, tapping, Shiatsu, clapping and rolling. You can also use the quick-touch controls on the inside of the arm of the chair to make precise adjustments, including choosing from two stages of zero gravity.

The Ogawa Smart 3D is the first massage chair to come with a self-diagnostic app. Troubleshoot the massage chair or contact technical support without leaving the comfort of your Smart 3D chair.

Foot rollers, body scan technology, a fantastic Thai stretch massage, and foot rollers round out the package.

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4. Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage Chair

Best High-End Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage ChairOur Father’s Day Massage Chair Gift Guide is probably not the first place you’ve seen the Osaki Maestro listed as a top-ranked massage chair. It is, right now, easily the most technologically advanced luxury massage chair on the market.

With a $10,000 retail price tag, this chair is not for everyone. But if you are ready to show your dad just how much you love him and money is no object, consider the Osaki Maestro as the ultimate Father’s Day gift this year.

This 4D hybrid SL-track delivers the most human-like massage available today from any luxury massage chair, with quad-head, heated rollers to enhance the experience. The rollers move in, out, and to either side of the track, while varying their intensity, strength, and speed for the most customized massage you can experience from a chair.

And let’s talk about the music. The state-of-the-art Bluetooth Amphitheater speakers create a genuinely immersive experience—especially when combined with two stages of zero gravity.

The foot and calf massage, delivered within an enclosed ottoman, provides everything you could ask for to soothe aching feet, including heat, which is not a standard feature on luxury massage chairs at any price.

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5. Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

Best Body Scan Technology in a Massage Chair

Cozzia Qi Massage ChairBefore we ever tried the Osaki Maestro, the Cozzia Qi was the best on the market, and there are still some things it does better than any other chair on the market. Like the Maestro, the Cozzia Qi could set you back quite a bit of money, but it’s worth every penny.

The Cozzia Qi is the first and remains the only, massage chair to use Chair Doctor technology to pinpoint problem areas on your back and then deliver a targeted massage directly to those spots.

Even better, the technology tracks your progress to see if the massage is working to alleviate muscle tension.

Combine the Chair Doctor with state-of-the-art body scan technology, and you have a chair that delivers the most customized massage you’ll find anywhere.

The Cozzia Qi uses Japanese designed, quad-head 4D heated rollers on a 32-inch S-track design that conforms to the user’s spine.  

Enjoy 14 automatic programs employing 6 different massage techniques, plus chromotherapy, Bluetooth, automatic ottoman adjustment for users of different heights, foot rollers, and a fantastic stretch program designed to improve flexibility, promote muscle recovery and alleviate pain.

You also get a free iPad to download the Cozzia Qi mobile app for easy control.

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6. Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Best Human Touch Chair

Human Touch Novo XT Massage ChairAre you looking for a 3D massage chair known to deliver an incredibly human-like massage for the incredibly athletic man in your life? As the name implies, massage chairs in the Human Touch line do just that. And the best of the best in Human Touch massage chairs is the Human Touch Novo XT.

The Human Touch Novo XT emphasizes massage program that increases blood flow, soothes joints, and loosens tight muscles for pre-workout stretching or post-workout recovery. Specially designed for users with an active lifestyle, the 34 massage programs can relax and rejuvenate anyone who takes the time to sit in the chair.

The Novo XT has a unique Unibody design, so the SL-track covers 60 percent more of your back than other L-track massage chairs. Other features include Bluetooth speakers, lumbar heat, and reflexology foot rollers.

Best of all, the chair requires only 5 inches of clearance to recline to an immersive, heart-healthy, NASA-inspired zero gravity position.

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7. Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

Best Japanese Massage Chair

Inada Dreamwave Massage ChairWith award-winning design and best-in-class patented technology like a Shiatsu point locator and an undulating figure-8 motion to soothe your body with gentle rocking, there is no massage chair quite like the Inada Dreamwave.

Not every luxury massage chair adds vibration massage to the seat for a total massage experience, but the Inada Dreamwave does. And while it’s not a good idea to fall asleep for hours in your massage chair, the Dreamwave’s gentle rocking motion promotes total relaxation when you need it most.

The 3D massage rollers feature adjustable speed and intensity while the shoulder airbags can also be adjusted to three different widths. You can also change the strength of the airbags for a compression massage that suits your preferences to rejuvenate tired muscles and ease pain.

The Inada Dreamwave has dual heating pads on the lower back and seat, contributing to the immersive experience.

With 8 automatic massage programs, plus a “relaxation” setting for each program, the chair can be customized to virtually any user.

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Choose Your Favorite Father’s Day Massage Chair Now

The moment of truth is here. Which luxury massage chair would the men in your life love to receive this Father’s Day? We hope our Father’s Day Massage Chair gift guide has helped you narrow your options.

But remember, you can always speak to a live representative to help you choose the best massage chair and get financing right away.

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