Mother's Day Gift Guide’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

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Read on for expert advice on the best massage chair for anyone on your Mother’s Day list.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present? Your loved one will use a luxury massage chair daily. Every time they sink into the soft, supple leather, they will remember your thoughtful gift and know how much you care.

Jewelry, fancy dinners, and designer bags get boring year after year. You want something your mother, grandmother, or wife will appreciate for years. Something that will enhance the quality of their life. Encourage better sleep. Reduce stress. Improve overall wellness — without any extra work.

A luxury massage chair is the answer.

But sifting through the options and various models can be daunting. Zero gravity. L-track. S-track. Hybrid. 3D massage rollers. 4D technology. Deep tissue massage.

What features do you need? Which capabilities are desirable? You'll find massage chairs to meet a wide range of budgets in our Mother's Day Massage Chair Gift Guide.

If you have further questions, let our online support staff help you pick the perfect massage chair for your mother, your wife, or any other special person in your life.

Synca CirC Compact Massage Chair

Synca Cirq Massage ChairAvailable for under $900, the compact and affordable Synca CirC compact massage chair may be small, but it delivers an effective massage for people of any size. A 34-inch hybrid SL track massages from the base of the neck down to the hamstrings. Ideal for smaller homes, or even senior living apartments, your wife, mom, or grandma will love the look and feel of this stylish massage chair.

Rated as our best compact massage chair, the Synca CirC boasts features you'd expect in more expensive models, including multiple massage techniques, five automatic programs, heat, and ambient lighting for enhanced relaxation.

The “intelligent massage hands” in the Synca CirC offer a customized massage with movements ranging from "gentle" to "strong." Even the chair's most powerful massage, however, is perfect for beginners, relieving tension and loosening muscles without deep or painful manipulations. With the Synca CirC you can show your wife or mother the magic of massage therapy for less money than you imagined.  

Find affordable luxury in the Synca CirC compact massage chair here.

Ogawa Active L (Best L-Track Massage Chair)

Ogawa Active L Massage ChairThis popular new L-track massage chair from the trusted manufacturer Ogawa has already climbed to the top of our list as the best L-track massage chair available today. Now selling for under $5,000, the Ogawa Active L offers nearly everything you’d expect in a high-end luxury massage chair.

With two zero gravity positions, heat, foot rollers, Bluetooth capabilities and a removable back pad for added support, along with 40 airbags to deliver an invigorating compression massage, the Active L puts today’s most coveted massage chair technology into a space-saving, wall-hugging design to match any room.

The extra-long hybrid SL track on the Ogawa Active L delivers an effective massage down to your thighs, while conforming to the curve of your spine for exceptional comfort.

Your wife or mother will love the easy-to-use table remote control, which allows her to choose from nine automatic massage programs or customize a massage to target trouble areas.

Enjoy the luxury of the Ogawa Active L delivered straight to your home.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim (Bestselling L-Track Massage Chair)

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage ChairSince its release, the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim has been our bestselling L-Track massage chair, making it the perfect gift for the women in your life this Mother’s Day. The hybrid SL track conforms to the spine for a comfortable, medium strength massage, assisted by body scan technology.

Twelve automatic programs ensure a massage for everyone, whether the goal is muscle recovery, pain relief, enhanced flexibility, or overall wellness. The automatic ottoman adjusts according to the user’s leg length, concentrating the airbags and foot rollers on the right areas for a perfect massage every time.  

With an intuitive LED touchscreen controller that allows you to choose the massage type, intensity, speed, and location, the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is easy to use and highly effective at targeting tight or tense muscles and areas prone to pain.

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim has many other desirable features, including LED chromotherapy, lower back heat therapy, Bluetooth connectivity, zero gravity, and vibration. 

Join the growing number of customers who relieve stress with the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim.

Ogawa Evol (Best Deep Tissue Massage Chair)

Ogawa Evol Massage Chair“Evol" is "love" spelled backward. What more do you need to know if you are considering the Ogawa Evol massage chair as a Mother’s Day gift?
We know finding the best massage chair for Mother’s Day is more than just choosing a chair with the perfect name. The Evol is rated our best deep tissue massage chair and is unbelievably affordable.

The Ogawa Evol includes technology you’d expect to find in much more expensive massage chairs, including dual, heated Japanese-designed 3D rollers for a warming, human-like touch and advanced body scan technology that adapts the massage to the user’s height and build.

The reversible, retractable ottoman and wall-hugging design help this chair fit in any room of your home or a senior living apartment comfortably.

A wired touchscreen makes it easy to choose from eight full-body or nine partial-body massage programs. Select from five intensity levels and adjust strength and speed for the ideal deep tissue massage.
Show your wife or mother how much you love her with an Ogawa Evol.

Ogawa Touch 3D (Best Stretch Massage Chair)

Ogawa Touch 3D Massage ChairTrusted massage chair manufacturer Ogawa excels at deep tissue massage, and the Ogawa Touch 3D is ranked right there with the Evol for a superior deep tissue massage. But the chair’s Thai Stretch program, aided by two-stage zero gravity, really sets the Ogawa Touch 3D apart.

Forty-four airbags with compression adjustment capabilities deliver an invigorating air massage while massage rollers work to loosen muscles and relieve pain, extending a full 3 inches from the massage track for a precise and intense experience.

With Japanese-designed 3D smart roller technology, the Ogawa Touch 3D offers six levels of massage intensity and speed, as well as six techniques.

As a luxury massage chair from a top-ranked manufacturer, the Ogawa Touch 3D sports all the latest features, including heat, vibration, chromotherapy, Bluetooth speakers, and Shiatsu foot rollers. The adjustable ottoman accommodates users from 5’ to 6’5” tall.

Give mom the gift of a customizable, deep tissue massage every night with the Ogawa Touch 3D.

Osaki Maestro (Best High-end Massage Chair)

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage ChairYou know the women in your life deserve the best. If you have the means to afford one of the best high-end massage chairs on the market, the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro might be the perfect gift.  As one of the newest 4D L-Track massage chairs, the Osaki Maestro delivers a precise, deep tissue massage.

In a 3D massage chair, Japanese-designed, quad-head rollers move in, out, and to either side of the hybrid SL-track to provide a more human-like massage. Today’s 4D technology allows the four heated massage heads of the Osaki Maestro to go wider, deeper, and to vary their intensity, strength, and speed.

4D massage rollers aren’t the only advantage on this high-end massage chair. Sixty-four airbags deliver invigorating compression massage to nearly every part of the body.

An enclosed, leg-scanning ottoman offers a foot, calf, bridge, and heel massage that is two steps ahead of any other. If the women you love spend a lot of time on their feet, this is the massage chair to purchase.

Experience the magic of the Osaki Maestro massage chair now

Human Touch Novo XT (Best Human Touch Chair)

Human Touch Novo XT Massage ChairHuman Touch is renowned for their 3D massage chairs that feel incredibly like a human touch (as you might have guessed). The Unibody L-Track of the Human Touch Novo XT covers 60 percent more of your back than conventional L-Track massage chairs.

The sleek, modern, space-saving design looks great in a contemporary home and needs just five inches of wall clearance to recline into a zero-gravity position.  

Designed for athletes and others with an active lifestyle, The Human Touch Novo XT offers 34 massage programs that increase blood flow and ease sore muscles, providing both relaxation and rejuvenation. Our favorites are the “stretch” and “immersion” settings.

Bluetooth speakers, a zero-gravity setting, lumbar heat and reflexology foot rollers all contribute to an immersive massage experience.  

The Human Touch Novo XT is one of the pricier massage chairs on our list, but few models compare. Packed with features and constructed of quality materials, the Novo XT will give your loved ones years of enjoyment.

Shop now to experience the most immersive massage available with the Human Touch Novo XT.

Svago ZGR Plus (Best Zero Gravity Recliner)

Svago ZGR Plus Zero Gravity ReclinerMany of the massage chairs in our Mother’s Day Massage Chair Gift Guide feature a zero gravity setting to reduce spinal compression and provide a feeling of weightlessness for the user.

But zero gravity recliners like the Svago ZG+ are a different type of massage chair, delivering an effective vibration massage in the zero-gravity position. These recliners can match any room of your home and are comfortable to sit in, even when you're not using the massage features.

The Svago ZG+ zero gravity recliner is one of the highest quality zero gravity massage chairs available for the price. With vibration and heat massage, the chair soothes tired muscles, promotes better sleep, and helps reduce pain.

Handcrafted from solid wood and manufactured with high-quality, easy-to-clean synthetic polyurethane leather, the chair looks great in any home and is designed to withstand years of everyday use.
 The handheld remote allows you to easily adjust the chair's position and massage settings and save two of your favorite positions to memory.

Experience weightlessness with a Svago ZG+ zero gravity recliner.

Choose Your Favorite Mother’s Day Massage Chair Now

Which massage chair will the special women in your life love to receive this Mother’s Day? We hope our Mother’s Day Massage Chair Gift Guide has made shopping a little easier for you this year.

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