Considering the Ogawa Active Supertrac? Learn Why You Need the Upgrade

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The Ogawa Active Supertrac is discontinued and is replaced with the Ogawa Active L massage chair. This is great for people looking for the newest features and want the 35% more coverage that this SL-track chair can provide. The Supertrac had many issues that were solved with the upgraded Active L. The Active L has received a lot of positive feedback from customers as well. Read below to find answers to all your questions.

Issues with the Supertrac that the Active L Fixed

  • Limited Glute Massage – One of the issues with the Supertrac was that you could only use the Glute massage in 3 programs called UNIQ. Users were forced to either choose from an S-track program, or a limited amount of glute programs. The Active L solves this by providing glute massage in most of the programs. The Active L also has programs to focus on the neck and shoulders, and this area is incorporated in almost all the programs as well. The Active L takes it a step further and provides a program specifically for the Glutes. See it here – Ogawa Active L
  • Takes Up Space – Another issue with the Supertrac is how much space the chair takes up. Since the chair had to extend fully to engage the glute massage the chair needed over a foot of clearance. The Active L solves this problem by only needing 5 inches of clearance; this is called Space Saving technology
  • Outdated Massage – The Supertrac had a deep tissue massage but the Active L is designed to offer a smoother and deeper glute massage. This is because the Active L is an SL-track and is designed to offer this smoother deeper glute massage. You also get the benefit of the additional padding around the lower back and glutes, as well as the head, which can be removed at any time to provide a stronger massage experience.
  • Outdated Recline – Another great additional with the Active L’s SL-track is the relaxed position the chair is in when it’s upright. The older designs of the L-track chairs have a more upright position, where the Active L has a slight recline to it. This is better in helping a person become more relaxed, get a better neck massage, and enjoy the chair when they are not getting a massage. This relaxed position also helps intensify the stretch programs and provides a better full body stretch.
  • Unfriendly Remote – Other issues with the Supertrac are the remote, (small buttons and screen make it hard to control), as well as the absence of relaxation features like Chromotherapy and Bluetooth speakers. The Active L fixed all of the problems by incorporating the patented Ogawa touch screen remote, adding Chromotherapy lightning, and Bluetooth Speakers. Below is a full list of the Upgrades.

We Recommend the Newer Ogawa Model: The Ogawa Active L

We recommend buying the newer Ogawa model with the latest designs and the newest technology. This is the Ogawa Active L. This model has the latest technology, which includes:

Major Upgrades:

SL-Track Technology – The new SL-track is designed to incorporate the best of S and L track technology. This provides a user with a deep tissue experience that is capable of grasping and kneading the neck, all the way down to the glutes. This chair also has Ogawa’s latest patented massage technology that offers their most humanlike experience.

Updated Massage Programming – The Active L programs are more intelligently designed to target each segment of the body. This includes the neck and shoulders, the glutes, the hips, and the lower back. The Supertrac was only able to target the glutes in a specific setting.

Space Saving Technology – The Active L only requires 5 inches of clearance, where the Supertrac needed over a foot of space.

Touch Screen Remote – The touch screen remote and straight-forward controls make this chair one of the easiest chairs to control. The Supertrac had the older style remote with smaller buttons and a smaller screen (harder to see and read).

Other Upgrades Include:

New Updated look – Upgraded design and upholstery for a softer and more modern look.

Bluetooth speakers The Active L includes Bluetooth speakers. This allows you to play your own music or relaxing sounds while getting a massage.

Chromotherapy: Chromotherapy uses lighting to help relax, sooth, or energize a person while they get a massage.

Multi-Language The Active L remote can be set to use English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, or French when being used. This is great for people who want to use this chair in their native tongue.

Ogawa Active L Video


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