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5 Ways to Help Mom Reduce Daily Stress

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So many women, especially mom’s, are working harder than ever these days. Juggling a job, children, and the responsibilities of a home can be taxing. 70 percent of U.S. moms say mothering is “incredibly stressful”. With the Mother’s Day holiday approaching we’ve been getting a lot of calls from loved ones wanting to select a massage chair as a gift. We can’t argue with the idea that a massage is a great way to show how much you care about someone special, massage is one of the most effective tools in relieving stress. With stress directly correlated to so many health problems such as Heart Disease, Headaches, Depression, and Obesity, finding a healthy stress reliever brings many benefits.

Here are a few ways to help mom reduce her daily stress:

1. Give Mom a Time Out

Sometimes the mom in your life may look fine on the outside but feels overwhelmed on the inside. Giving her an hour to unwind on her own will allow her to find her inner peace.

2. It’s Nap Time

Encouraging mom to take a break from the laundry and take a nap or close up her laptop and get to bed an hour earlier. Sleeping is essential to rejuvenating the mind and body. A good night sleep will allow her to start her day refreshed.

3. Work it Out

Watch the kids or get a sitter so that mom can hit the gym or go for a jog. She’ll come back a new woman and a better, happier mom.

4. Make a Plan

Help mom to balance her life and share in some of the events that she takes the children to. Even if you can only manage to help with one event a month, your kids and their mom will be so thankful.

5. Take Turns

Does the mom in your life always do the dishes or always put away all of the laundry? Take a turn at something that she normally does exclusively. This will give her a few minutes of “mom time” that she can use however she pleases. Trust us she’ll notice.

Reducing stress enhances every aspect of life.

With less stress, less worry, less tension comes more time, more energy, and more fun! Having a massage chair in the home goes hand in hand with stress reduction. Taking just 15 minutes in a massage chair reduces the heart rate, promotes healthy sleep patterns, reduces pain and tension, increases flexibility, and so much more. Many times moms can’t take a full hour out of their day to have a massage at a spa. Providing a healing space in the home is an amazing way to allow for her to reduce stress, unwind, and recharge (even if it is after the kids are in bed).

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

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