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Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist

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Do you love massages but have trouble finding the time to visit your massage therapist? Would you like the convenience of a massage in your own home, instead? A massage chair may be the solution. Having access to a massage in your own home is definitely one of the benefits of purchasing a massage chair. But there are other benefits you may not have considered when you ask, “Massage Chair or Massage Therapist?”

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Ogawa Smart 3D Review – World’s First Smart Massage Chair

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When heading to the spa for a massage, I wonder what style of massage the therapist will perform and will he/she be able to provide a good deep tissue massage. These are the same questions we all have when we’re purchasing a massage chair. We want to know, will I enjoy this chair and the massage style it provides, every …

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Ogawa Smart 3D vs Luraco iRobotics 7 | Massage Chair Comparison

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As many shoppers search for the perfect massage chair they may come across the Ogawa Smart 3D, and Luraco iRobotics 7 massage chair. Since many people are trying to find out which one is better for them, we decided to do a massage chair comparison. We wanted to look at these chairs head to head, and learn about what sets …

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Osaki OS-4000 vs OS-4000LS & OS-4000CS | What’s the Difference?

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If you have been searching the Osaki OS-4000 online, then you may have come across various model types with “OS-4000” in the name – this is often very confusing to our customers. That is why we created this article so searchers can be educated on the different types of OS-4000 models and the differences between them. There are currently four …

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Considering the Ogawa Active Supertrac? Learn Why You Need the Upgrade

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The Ogawa Active Supertrac is discontinued and is replaced with the Ogawa Active L massage chair. This is great for people looking for the newest features and want the 35% more coverage that this SL-track chair can provide. The Supertrac had many issues that were solved with the upgraded Active L. The Active L has received a lot of positive …

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Human Touch Novo XT2 Review

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Anyone who knows high-end massage chairs knows Human Touch makes some of the best models on the market. The company takes comfort, ergonomics and high-quality construction to the next level. The new Human Touch Novo XT2 is no exception. With a published MSRP of $7,999.99, you would probably expect the latest technology and comfort in the Novo XT2. And, in …

View Post’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

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Read on for expert advice on the best massage chair for anyone on your Mother’s Day list. Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present? Your loved one will use a luxury massage chair daily. Every time they sink into the soft, supple leather, they will remember your thoughtful gift and know how much you care. Jewelry, fancy dinners, and designer …