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Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair

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Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-7075R is the top of the line Osaki chair and has one of the longer and strongest massage rollers available. Known for its Deep Tissue Massage, the Osaki OS-7075R now comes with the addition of Foot Rollers. Built with a 46 airbag system, Thai Stretch program, and headband air bag, the Osaki OS-7075R is great for someone needing deep tissue therapy. The design of the chair will fit well into a modern or classic home and can be used as a massaging machine or a just for relaxation with the zero gravity recline. With the addition of foot rollers, users will get deep tissue relief to the soles of their feet. With all the advancements of the OS-7075R its no wonder that Osaki still leads the pack in creating a diverse line of massage chairs, that will give any user a wide range of benefits in the comfort of their own home.

Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair

Osaki OS-7075R Special Features

Osaki OS-7075R Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

The one button Zero Gravity feature on the Osaki OS-7075R provides a minimized spinal stress position by elevating the legs above the heart and positioning the spine on a horizontal plain. Zero Gravity has been recognized by the U.S. space program as a reduced stress position mimicking a floating feeling and reducing spinal compression.

Osaki OS-7075R Foot Rollers

Foot Rollers

The Osaki OS-7075R has an all new Foot Roller Massager, which is located under the soles of the feet. The foot roller massages work in conjunction with the air bag massage to provide a rolling and compression massage to your foot. Those experiencing soreness from tired feet will find the massaging benefits of the foot roller pleasant and therapeutic.

Osaki OS-7075R 13 Motors

Powerful 13 Motor System

There are 13 independent motors throughout the Osaki OS-7075R Massage Chair to distribute a smooth and consistent massage. With each motor designated to handle a sole function which allows for less wear and stress on the motors resulting in improved reliability.

Osaki OS-7075R 31in Massage Stroke

31" Massage Stroke

Most massage chairs are limited to 29 - 30 inches in vertical motion. The Osaki OS-7075R boasts a 31 inch range that will reach from your neck to the lower tailbone area. This allows for a better massage as it can cover more of your back than many other massage chairs.

Fatigue Relieving Air Massage

46 Air bags are installed for the head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, thighs and feet to massage the lower half of the body and to promote stimulation of blood to the lower extremities.

Osaki OS-7075R Leg and Calf Massage

Leg and Calf Massage

The calf and foot massager is capable of making adjustments according to each individuals leg length to ensure that the massage air bags are concentrating on the correct areas. The multiple air bags placed in the calf and foot part of the chair deliver a thorough and satisfying massage.

Osaki OS-7075R Pelvis and Hip Massage

Pelvis and Hip Massage

Air bags located along the outer hip and waist region apply a deep compression massage and apply a gentle twist of the hips to stretch too tight muscles. This mode is designed to gently stretch and flex the muscles around the pelvis and the lower body.

Osaki OS-7075R Head Air Massage

Head Air Massage

The all new Osaki 7000 comes equipped with a bonus feature head massager. An airback band is placed around the forehead area and the applies a mid of gentle squeeze imitating palms of a hand pressing down.

Osaki OS-7075R Hand and Arm Massage

Hand and Arm Massage

The side arm massagers can massage various areas of the arm including the hands and wrists. The Pivoting arms will allow you to comfortably keep your arms in the arm massagers regardless how far back you recline.

Osaki OS-7075R Outer Shoulder Massage

Outer Shoulder Massager

The outer shoulder massagers are set apart from others. The shoulder massagers are not static and can be adjusted vertically to fit various body types.

Osaki OS-7075R Intensity

Adjustable Air Massage

You are able to adjust the intensity of the airbags through 3 levels of intensity. Fine tune the strenght of the air compression massage to your preference.

Osaki OS-7075R Features

Osaki OS-7075R Body Scan Technology

Body Scan Technology

Infrared body scanners will adjust according to each user's body type to ensure an accurate and prescise massage.

Osaki OS-7075R S-Track Technology

S-Track Technology

Intelligent 4 Roller System: The massage platform is built on a 4 roller system that runs on a S-Track 3D technology. Experience the difference in the latest 3D technology which maps your back according to your curvature and administrating a even amount of pressure from top to bottom.

Osaki OS-7075R Heat

Heating Massage

An expansive heating massage system throughout the chair targeting all the vital muscle areas.

Osaki OS-7075R Remote Control

Easy to Use Remote

Conveniently located on the right armrest, the remote control is mounted flush to the surface. For easy visibility the remote can be lifted to an upright position to operate all the functions.

Osaki OS-7075R Additional Features

  • Thai Stretch Massage that stretchs out the your spine and legs to help loosen muscle fibers and joints.
  • Special Neck Massage that specifically targets tsubo points along your neck to relieve stress.
  • Sync Movement Design based on the principle of Fall-to-Sleep design, when the backrest is lowered backwards, armrest will adjust automatically to reach appropriate massage posture.
  • American-sized Recliner that is built for toughness and durability to last.
  • Easy-roll Casters - Design of wheels can be moved easily.
  • Approved by CE, UL, FDA, ETL (US highest safety department), and ISO 9002.

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Product Warranty

Osaki 3 Year "Rock Solid" Warranty

Osaki guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first THREE(3) years of ownership, excluding specific limitations. Osaki Covers Parts, Labor, and Structural Framework for the 1st year of ownership, Parts and Structural Framework for the 2nd year, and the Structural Framework for the 3rd years.

You may obtain service advice by contacting the Osaki Customer Service department toll-free at 1-888-848-2630.

Download Warranty

Osaki 4 Year Extended Limited Warranty

The 4 Year Extended Limited Warranty adds an additional year of in-home service parts and labor, an addition year on parts, and an additional year of coverage on the framework to the standard Osaki Warranty. The first 2 years Osaki provides in-home service covering both parts and labor. The 3rd year Osaki covers Parts and Framework, and the 4th year just the Framework is covered.

Osaki 5 Year Extended Limited Warranty

The 5 Year Extended Limited Warranty adds an additional two years of in-home service parts and labor, an additional two years on parts, and an additional two years of coverage on the framework the standard Osaki Warranty. The first 3 years Osaki provides in-home service covering both parts and labor. The 4th year Osaki covers Parts and Framework, and the 5th year just the framework is covered.


Manufacturer Osaki
Country of Manufacture China
Special Features No
Roller Type 2D
Roller Length 31"
Roller Track Type S-Track
Roller Width Adjustment Yes
Roller Glute Massage No
Roller Speed Adjustment Yes
Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes
Removable Back Pad No
Body Scan Technology Yes
Foot Rollers Yes
Recline Automatic
Zero Gravity Yes
Inversion Therapy No
Auto Programs 6
Stretch Program Yes
Deep Tissue Massage Yes
Massage Techniques Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shatsu, Kneading & Tapping, Rolling
Manual Programs No
Spot/Partial Massage Yes
Memory Setting No
Vibration Yes
Heat Lumbar
Total Airbags 48
Air Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Head, Hip and Thigh, Upper Arm and Shoulder
Airbag Intensity Adjustments Yes
Ottoman Length Adjustment Manual
Hideaway Ottoman No
Timer Setting 5 to 30 Minutes
MP3 Player No
Remote Type Slim LCD Remote
Chromotherapy Yes
Upholstery Soft Synthetic Leather
Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 57L x 34W x 52H
Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 74L x 34W x 28H
Height Range 5'2" - 6'5"
Recommended Weight (lbs) 265lbs.
Massage Chair Weight 230lbs.
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Number of Motors 13
Big Box Size (L" x W" x H") 62L x 44W x 44H
Big Box Contents Base of the Chair, Assembly Hardware, Backpad, Orroman, 2 Armrests, head Airbgs, Seat Cushion
Small Box Size (L" x W" x H") None
Small Box Contents None
Shipping Weight 280lbs

Customer Reviews (10)

Osaki Massage chairReview by best960
The chair works fine, and I use it every day. I did have to put some shoe pads on the foot massagers because they were hurting my feet...that is a really strong roller...
I also continue to have to lift my back up out of the chair when the rollers reach my lower back/upper buttox area...those rollers actually bruised my back side....the initial program for "weightless" is good except that at the end of it, it gets very agressive, and once I am relaxed I sometimes forget to lift up my back side and I get bruised again...
I think the lower rollers on the rolling mechanism should be either a softer roller or should be somehow made more gentle....
I also do not care for the head massager...the whole way it works with the air compressors coming off and on are anything but relaxing...
All in all I wish this chair could be reprogramed to be a little more gentle massage (Posted on 5/4/2014)
Great ChairReview by John
It's a great chair with all the feature you need and even you didn't expect ~!
Though it's a bit tiring when assemble... (Posted on 2/6/2014)
Excellent ChairReview by Doogster
Lots of features!
Powerful motors provide strong, deep massage.
People who are used to massages will love it!
Those who aren't may prefer a less powerful model. (Posted on 9/18/2013)
fantastic!Review by sn2861
i got this to replace a massage chair i have had for 10 years. LOVE IT! I suffer from a number of things that cause my muscles to tie up in knots. I use this chair at least once per day and have never felt better. I have been without pain med for over a month now. I, too, found some of the rollers too intense. Added extra padding to the lower back, and shoe cushions to the foot rollers. It is the perfect massage now! Love the air bags for the arms and legs. It has helped with circulation and relieving the muscle tightness. The hip airbas help with the bursitis. Can't say enough good things. It is on the expensive side, but how can you put a price on living pain free? Plus it saves on the hour long massage once a week i was getting before i got this chair. Now i can just go into the other room and have my own massage any time i need one. Highly recommend this chair! (Posted on 6/8/2013)
overallReview by Russ
I have been using my chair for nearly a month, and I am happy with my purchase. This chair is definately a deep tissue massage chair and at first I didnt like it, I felt like I had bruises up and down my back, but after trying new positions, re-arranging padding, and even adding padding, I can find that "just right" massage. I like the heat and the manual ability to find a trouble spot and just massage that spot, a very good feature. I am a broad shouldered guy and the chair does feel a bit narrow and cramped to me, which is why the 4 star instead of 5 star rating. (Posted on 1/29/2013)
Superb, beautiful RELAXATION Anytime!Review by Now Less Stressed in TN!
We LOVE our new chair! Got in Nov 2012 (we set up ourselves) and use it nearly every day. We had never had a professional massage, so it was a great 1st experience in the chair, but left us very sore the next day or so, since it is a deep tissue massage. Especially the feet! Later, we put a folded up hand towel in the bottom of each foot portion, which helped immensely. Our high stress jobs left us tense and struggling to sleep most days. Now, after enjoying 30 mins with one massage program, or taking 1 hr for 2 different programs, we feel better, sleep better, and interact better! The chair is like having 2 or 3 people massaging at once since it does full body, and the torso air bags are like getting hugs. We love the airbag features on the whole chair!!! The neck and shoulder massage is therapeutic! The only complaint was the instruction manual was not very detailed and left us wondering what things on the remote did, and how to use everything. The manufacture could certainly improve on this manual and not assume the reader/operator had previous experience with a chair like this. Shipping was rather slow for this chair because it was brand new and had already sold out (and ours reportedly got held up an extra week when it came into port for an inspection.) customer service was very helpful and friendly when helping with our purchase, informing us about the delayed delivery, and answering our questions about the chair operation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CHAIR!! Expensive, but VERY WELL WORTH the price to have the massage convenience in your own home, on your time schedule, and more massage experience than one therapist could provide. (Posted on 1/26/2013)
Good ChairReview by Tora
Im really glad I decided to buy the Osaki 7075r. The foot rollers are great and I love the deep tissue massage.
(Posted on 11/1/2012)
Very Happy Review by Sagiv
I just got my new osaki massage chair and it's great! I really needed a strong roller and this chair definitely has it. I had tried the os-7000 but saw that Osaki made this chair with foot rollers (as far as I can tell everything is the same, except the foot roller). My husband and I are happy with our new chair. (Posted on 11/1/2012)
Love the StretchReview by Jim Boyd
I purchased this chair because I wanted a deep massage and this chair is definitely not a let down. It has a nice deep massage and you can even remove the back pad if you want it deeper. Also, the stretching function is great. I had know idea that a massage chair can stretch you like this one does. It has adjustable airbags that you can position in front of your shoulders that hold you in place, and this helps get an even deeper stretch. During this program it also reclines back while holding your shoulders and then the roller rolls down your back while the seat airbags inflate twisting your waist . This is amazing. Love this chair!

(Posted on 10/6/2012)
The chair not only lived up to my expectations, but exceeded it.Review by GMEM
I assembled the chair alone and it was quite easy. The instructions were very clear with two small exceptions. The electric connection for the back cushion was not shown nor mentioned in instructions. It took a few minutes to locate the wire in the seat area. The two pads for the feet were not indicated in instructions, somehow I figured it out. The chair works wonderful. I've had back problems for the last three years, which includes five nerve blocks and various medications and therapies . After one week and several massages my back is almost pain free for most of the day. And when it does hurt a few minutes in the chair takes care of it without meds. This may not be true for everyone but it has given me a lot of relief and worth every dollar. (Posted on 4/18/2012)

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