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Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra

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Quick Overview

Panasonic released their EP-MA70 a few years ago with one goal in mind, creating the most lifelike massage system around. To this day the EP-MA70 continues to be a leader in innovation and massage technology. With extensive Japanese based R&D, Panasonic created a chair with industry first heated rollers, 3D massage rollers, 3D Airbag system, and a wide variety of stretching techniques. This is only the start with this Best in class model. Read More Below
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Regular Price: $7,995.00

Special Price $6,999.95

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Panasonic EP-MA70KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra massage chair provides therapeutic muscle relaxation for your entire body, including your arms, hands, lower legs and feet. The EP-MA70 has an industry first heated roller heads that combine the restorative powers of heat with their cutting edge 3D massage technology. The EP-MA70 is truly like having a massage therapist in your own home. Panasonic is known for their overall quality and proprietary 3D roller technology, which provides one of the most life-like massages on the market. Read below about the features of the Panasonic EP-MA70.



Advanced 3D Quad Style Roller Technology

The EP-MA70 is designed with one of the most humanistic massage rollers on the market today. The proprietary technology uses four massage heads (Quad Rollers) that open and close just like a human hand, as well as a 3D mechanism to scan and massage every contour of your back. Combine this technology with heat therapy, and you have one of the most humanistic massage rollers ever.


Advanced Body Scan Technology

The EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra uses advanced pressure sensor technology to create a virtual map of your back. The EP-MA70 scans your body and then delivers a massage that is contoured to the actual curve of your spine. The massage heads then glide up and down your back, Appling a consistent pressure along your entire spine.


The human body has approximately 350 acupoints in your body, with nearly 100 in your back and neck. From the soothing palm style of swedish massage, to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu massage, the Real Pro EP-MA70 has a variety of technologies to target acupoints, resulting in invigorating energy.


Special Features

All New Heated Rollers Heads

The Panasonic EP-MA70 has all new heated massage rollers. The heated rollers simulate the warm hands of a professional masseuse combined with the soothing, restorative, sensation of hot stone therapy, loosening tense sore muscles, relieving tension and stimulating blood flow. This is some of the most advanced roller technology that we have ever seen, and is only on select Panasonic massage chairs.


3 Unique Body Stretching Techniques

The Panasonic EP-MA73 has three new unique stretch programs. These use both air compression and massage roller technology to deliver a unique stretch to your shoulder blades, pelvis, and legs. Check out the 3 stretch features below.


Shoulder Blade Stretch

Panasonic EP-MA70 Shoulder Blade Stretch

The airbags inflate and hold both sides of your shoulders in place as the heated 3D rollers gently push and stretch your shoulder blades and chest.

Leg Stretch

Panasonic MA70 Leg Stretch

Strategically placed airbags in the calf, foot and leg, hold and squeeze while the entire unit gently moves to stretch the lower body. This gentle traction provides yet another level of therapy while the massage chair also continues to work the entire upper body.


Pelvic  Stretch & Tilt

Panasonic EP-MA70 Pelvis Stretch

The airbags inflate on both sides, and hold the pelvic region in place as the massage rollers massage your lower back. The airbags in the back and seat apply a nice compression to your hips, thighs and hamstrings. For the pelvic tilt, the seat airbags inflate alternately left to right for a swivel movement to the pelvis, which applies a nice passive movement, which is great for alleviating lower back pain.



Panasonic EP-MA70 Junetsu

A Panasonic exclusive feature, the Junetsu massage technique quickly loosens up tight muscles and the spiral circular motion reverberates through your muscles to invigorate down to your bones surface. The EP-MA70 has the latest thumb-like rollers that move in precise, agile circles, relieving the core of your stiffness.


Dual Purpose Recline - Blends in with your Living Room!

Panasonic MA70 Recliner

The EP-MA70 is a dual purpose recliner. When not in use, it doubles as a sleek and stylish, comfortable arm chair. Just put on the ultra-soft head piece, fold the armrests down, and rotate the ottoman to make the foot massager disappear seamlessly as it rotates 180. This is great for anyone looking for a high quality massage chair to blend in with their living room seating.


Air Compression System

The Panasonic EP-MA70 has a 33 airbag compression system, to apply a full body massage to your entire your body. With airbags specifically designed and placed in the shoulders, hand & arms, hips, thighs, buttocks, and your calves and feet, you are sure to feel rejuvenated after each massage session.


Shoulder Massage

Panasonic EP-MA70 Shoulder Massage

Airbags hold the shoulders in place as the massage heads knead the back, from the shoulders to the chest, and provides soothing pressure that helps relax the shoulders, and gently stimulates your lymphatic system to help clense your body

Hand & Arm Massage

Panasonic EP-MA70 Hand & Arm Massage

The EP-M70 has armrests that pop-up with airbags that are placed above and below the arm. These inflate applying a compression massage that helps relax your arm and hands. The armrest adjusts as you recline, this allows your arms to get a massage even lying down.

Hip & Thigh Massage

Panasonic EP-MA70 Hip Massage

There are airbags located on each side of the hips, as well as airbags in the seat that go around your waist. These inflate to massage your hips and your thighs relaxing your core and lower back.


Calf Massage

Panasonic EP-MA70 Calf Massage

Various airbags inflate around the calves applying an air kneading massage that arouns the sides and back of your calves. This helps increase circulation and revuvinates tired legs.

Foot Massage

Panasonic MA70 Foot Massage

The EP-MA70 uses 3D air cushions that surround the feet appling a realastic foot massage, and is great for taking away all those aches and pains. Accupuncture nodes can be inserted or removed for a stronger or lighter massage.


Massage Techniques & Programs

Massage Techniques

Panasonic EP-MA70 3D Rollers

Panasonic is a leader in innovation and their all new 3D mechanism takes your massage to the next level. With next generation technology the rollers are able to travel up/down,left to right, as well foward and back. This allows for various 3D massage techniques making the massage experience more realistic. The 3D mechanism is able to perform 6 manual massage techniques: Gentle Kneading, Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Rolling, and Tapping.


Massage Programs

The Panasonic MA70 has 6 Pre-Set Programs in additon to the manuals programs. The Pre-Programmed massages use all of the various massage techniques and delviers one of the nost hunmanistic massages on the market. You can choose from: Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder, and Lower Back. If you would like to customize yout massage even further you can creat you own massages from the manual setting and save them even too!


Intensity Adjustment

Panasonic EP-MA70 Remote

Massage to light or too intense? The Panasonic EP-MA70 has multiple ways to customize your massage. The airbag compression has 5 levels of intensity, and the massage rollers have 5 levels of intensity with its 3D mechanism. These are easily adjusted just by simply pressing the button on your remote.



Panasonic EP-MA70 Junetsu

A Panasonic exclusive feature, the Junetsu massage technique quickly loosens up tight muscles and the spiral circular motion reverberates through your muscles to invigorate down to your bones surface. The EP-MA70 has the latest thumb-like rollers that move in precise, agile circles, relieving the core of your stiffness.


Adjusting Armrests

Panasonic EP-MA70 Moving Armrests

The EP-MA70 has upgraded armrests that are able to adjust when the chair reclines. This allows for a more thorough arm massage when in a deeper recline.

Reclines to 170 Degrees

Panasonic MA70 Recline

With a push of a button the chair can recline to a full 170 degrees to a lying down position. This allows you to choose the posiiton in which you are most comfortable while receiving your massage.

Adjustable Footrest

Panasonic MA70 Footrest

The footrest adjusts about 7" and is able to adjust to various user heights. The Panasonic EP-MA70 can massage an individual from 4'8" to 6'2". Anyone over this height range will feel crammed in this chair. If you have any questions about height restrictions, just give us a call at 888.360.9996



  • Heater Massage Rollers
  • Proprietary 3D Massage Mechanism
  • Next Generation Body Scan Technology
  • 31 inch roller stroke
  • Full Body Air Compression Massage
  • 3 Unique Stretching Techniques - Chest, Hip & Thighs, and Leg
  • Exclusive Junetsu Deep Kneading Massage
  • Dual Purpose Recliner w/ Rotating Ottoman
  • 6 Pre-Set Massage Programs -Gentle Kneading, Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Rolling, and Tapping
  • 6 Manual Massage Modes - Gentle Kneading, Ultra Kneading, Shiatsu, Rolling, and Tapping
  • Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder, and Lower Back
  • Intensity Adjustments
  • Moving Armrests
  • Adjustable Ottoman
  • 3 Saveable Profiles
  • Reclines to 170 Degrees


  • Suggested User Height: 4'6” - 6'2" (feet)
  • Max User Weight: 264lbs
  • 31 inch roller stroke
  • 33 total Airbags
  • Panel Remote that can be removed from stand
  • Timer Settings: 5/15 minutes
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Chair Weight: 181lbs
  • Chair Dimensions Upright: 45.3H x 37.4W x 48D inches
  • Chair Dimensions Reclined: 26H x 37.4W x 79.6D inches
  • Made in China
  • Assembly Required


5 Year Limited Warranty |5 Years Parts and 3 Years In-Home Labor
Panasonic covers their EP-MA70 Massage Chair with A 5 Year Limited Warranty. This covers Parts and Labor for 3 Years and Parts* for 5 Years from the date of purchase. This includes on-site service, on-site repair, or removal of the product to a Panasonic Authorized Service Center for 3 Years. *Parts replacement for 5 Years.

*The Massage Block and Electrical Components are covered with Parts for 5 Years and Labor for 3 years. The purchaser pays for all labor charges related to the removal and installation of the moving block and/or components during the 4th and 5th year of Warranty Coverage


Shipping Information

Whats in the Box?

  • Big Box: Includes the base of the chair, armrests, remote and remote stand, assembly hardware, cushions, manual, warranty, and introductory DVD.

Shipping Dimensions

  • Box Weight: 218 lbs
  • Box Dimensions: 28.7" × 30.7" × 63"



Panasonic covers their Real Pro Series Massage Chairs with Parts and Labor for 3 Years and Parts* for 5 Years from the date of purchase. This includes on-site service, on-site repair, or removal of the product to a Panasonic Authorized Service Center for 3 Years. *Parts replacement for 5 Years.


*The Massage Block and Electrical Components are covered with Parts for 5 Years and Labor for 3 years. The purchaser pays for all labor charges related to the removal and installation of the moving block and/or components during the 4th and 5th year of Warranty Coverage.

*With Panasonic brand Massage Chairs there is a 1,000-hour cap on the massage chair Warranty. 1000 hours is equivalent to one 15-minute massage a day for 11 years.

For Panasonic Customer Service, please call 1-800-211-7262 and ask for "service".


NewLeaf Extended Warranty Details is proud to be partnered with NewLeaf in offering 3 and 5 ServicePro Year Extended Warranty plans. You will be covered for 100% parts and labor for any manufacturer defect and if your product is irreparable it will be replaced immediately. There is no deductible or maximum to your Service claim. NewLeaf has a network of over 11,000 service technicians Nationwide that are highly trained and knowledgeable professionals that can provide In-Home service, without major hassles and unneeded headaches. Looking to register your plan, click here

In-Home Service, Parts, and Labor.  – Hastle free, all inclusive, everything you would need or want in a service plan.

100% Transferable - Say you decide to sell your massage chair and want to transfer the warranty to the new user – but why would anyone want to do that?

No Hidden Cost – No deductibles, and the service provider covers all the costs.

Repair or Replace Promise – In the event the malfunctioning parts can't be repaired, it will be replaced. Free of charge.

Remote Control Coverage – Buttons stopped working, lights don't come one, don't worry we've thought of the small stuff, and we've got you covered

24/7 Customer Service – Simply call 855-879-6395 and a ServicePro Warranty Representative will be waiting to assist you.

Covers accidental stains and accidental damage – Some things can't be prevented, spilled some nail polish, new puppy just did his business, uncle smoky just burned a hole in your chair – don't worry, it's fine – we've got you covered.

Learn more about NewLeaf ServicePro Extended Warranties, and Manufacturer Warranties here - Warranty Information


Customer Reviews

Great product, price and service Review by J. Charles
While killing a few hours in a mall I sat in a massage chair at Brookstone. I nearly made an impulse buy but due to the price of the chair I decided to do some research. I spent hours researching the chairs, brands and features.

Emassagechairs had a great price on the Panasonic MA-70 KX but I was leery of ordering online. In the end, I chose to do so because of the price, lack of a local dealer and the fast and friendly service at Emassagechars.

The unit arrived on time and was set up by a very professional delivery person who even suggested, per the company, that I keep the packaging materials in case I had any problems. I kept them for a month or two then tossed the box. The chair has been perfect. It has relieved lower back pain and helped with plantar fasciitis. The chair runs a couple of times per day and works flawlessly each time.

One of the features that this chair has that many others did not is that it looks like a recliner, not a space ship. I wanted something that would fit in any room and look comfortable and professional. The Panasonic fit the bill. Spend the extra few bucks and get a quality chair. Once the newness wears off you will appreciate the reliability and quality for years to come. (Posted on 5/6/2015)
Great Chair Review by Mic
Looks good and fells good and comfortable, so good that I fall asleep during a massage. We use ours right in the living room and many people have sat in it and find it the same as I did.
Wish that the foot rest had a milder pad for the sole of your foot, the one that is in there is a bet harsh. Great chair other wise and I swear by them. Have used them for 5 years. (Posted on 4/23/2014)
Great chair, not gentle. Review by Hal
I chose the panasonic EP-MA70KX after trying numerous chairs. Tried the Brookstone, lower panasonic models, and Inada (top model). None were as good as the MA 70. The massage is more life-like than the others. I have arthritis in my low back and use the chair almost daily, with great relief. The heated roller heads are nice but not very hot. I would prefer that they were warmer.If there is any issue at all, it's that the chair adjusts from firm to very firm. I like firm and firm+ but my wife prefers more gentle. You can get this effect by placing the pad over the rollers but you have to get out of the chair to place or remove the pad. (Posted on 4/9/2014)
Would buy one again Review by JDM61
This chair is not cheap, but it is not cheaply built either. It's very versatile. and I especially like the heating element. It's a great chair, and there is nothing about it I would wish different. Dealing with emassage was very satisfactory. It's a bit challenging to spend so much with an online firm with which one has never dealt before, but I had zero problems with the company. (Posted on 11/8/2013)
No Regrets Review by JimboSC
After 5 weeks of "analysis paralysis" looking at every massage chair on line, I finally decided on the Panasonic. James at emassagechair was very helpful and patient. The chair is exactly as advertised----it is awesome! The heated rollers are a real plus. My wife is 5'2" and I am 5'11" and the chair adjusts to us both very well. I passed on the white glove delivery service--I had the chair assembled and working in less than 30 minutes. Very easy if you can use a screwdriver. The control module is easy to use, and you can design your own massage. It's tough to spend this much on a massage chair, but if you can afford it, and you really love a good massage, whenever you want, then go for it. After just a few massages, I have zero buyer's remorse. (Posted on 3/26/2013)
Worth the Price Review by Xun
This massage chair is amazing. I tried the MA70 at a Relax The Back store, and after some research found a great deal here. I love the heated rollers, and the quality of the chair is amazing. I've always trusted Panasonic and this massage chair doesn't let me down. The price was expensive but well worth it. (Posted on 11/1/2012)

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