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Emassagechair meets with Cozzia to Enjoy the EC618 at Las Vegas Market

We recently attended the Las Vegas Furniture Market to visit with our manufacturers, and to check out any new massage chairs. We had a great time meeting with the folks at Cozzia and after a long day were able to enjoy one of the best massage chairs out there. Yes, we're talking about the Cozzia EC618. We think this chair has a great design, a great fit, and a lot of really cool functions. Check us out below enjoying the chair with some of the Cozzia team.

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As you can see, we love this chair. They even had a special edition Red color that looked great. We don't carry the EC618 yet, but we do carry a wide variety of other Cozzia Massage Chairs. We'll continue to get more details on this model to help inform our shoppers and help point them in the right direction of where they can purchase this chair. If you have any questions give us a ring at 888.360.9996 or email with any questions you may have.

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