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  • Massage Therapy News from Around the Web - Health Study Video from Universiy of Illinois

    Posted on April 16, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    Massage Therapy News from Around the Web

    People are fascinated with all the great benefits of massage therapy. Here at Emassagechair we have made it our personal mission to learn everything there is to know about massage therapy and how massage chairs can help provide these same benefits. We wanted to help all of our visitors find all of this cool and useful information and will be presenting it in our new blog series called Massage News Around the Web. In this post we're taking a look at a really cool study done by the University of Illinois at Chicago where they measure the benefits of massage for exercise recovery and blood flow. Check out the cool video below.



    Stay tuned for more massage therapy news from around the web! If you have any questions you can call us at 888.360.9996, email, or chat with us through Live Support (top left).

    ~ Customer Service

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  • Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair – Q&A with Heather

    Posted on April 14, 2014 by heather

    Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber - Q&A Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber - Q&A

    Interested in the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber? Here are some questions we answered for a customer who was interested in purchasing the Osaki 3D Pro Cyber.  Check out our Q&A below.

    1. What is the most frequent complaint from your customers for this product?

    So far we have not had any complaints on this chair. We do recommend that you remove the head pad for deep massage to the neck and shoulders though as the head pad seems to get in the way of the rollers.

    2. How would you rate the reliability of this chair?

    Osaki is a great brand and the company's products overall are very reliable. This is a new chair to their product line, but in all the chairs that we have sold, we have not had any reliability issues or defects.

    3. What are the warranties on this product?

    The OS-3D Pro Cyber comes with a 3 year Osaki warranty. This covers your chair for the first year with in home service parts and labor, the second year parts and framework, and the third year framework. You do have the option to add an additional 1, or 2 years of in home service coverage with Osaki's Extended Warranty plans.

    4. Why would you recommend this chair over others in its price range?

    I recommend this chair for a few reasons. First, the chair offers a very extensive stretching program that thoroughly stretches the spine, arms, and legs as well as hips and waist. The stretch is my favorite so far in all of the chairs that I have tried appropriately utilizing the airbags in conjunction with the feels great! Second, the remote is much easier to use and better looking than others in this price range. You can easily access the manual buttons and can adjust the 3D rollers with ease on the toggle button. Third, the 3D rollers and the massage style is very good. I love deep pressure in the neck and shoulders and I can easily adjust for that. If you prefer less intense massage, relaxing massage styles are available in the 8 auto programs on the chair. The 3D rollers move forward and back up to 3.2 inches to your preferred intensity level. And lastly, the chairs foot rollers are very nice. They cover the entire bottom of the foot while the top of the foot is massaged by air compression.

    If you have any other questions or if you'd like a comparison, please feel free to email me at or call me directly at 888.360.9996 x808.

    - Heather

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  • Panasonic 1969 Box Type Massage Chair ~ Massage Chairs From Then Till Now Series

    Posted on April 7, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    Emassagechair Top Seller of Panasonic Massage Chairs

    Panasonic Box Type Massage Chair 1969 Vintage Panasonic Chair

    Over the last few months we've been taking a look at all the different massage chairs as they advanced over the decades. Many of the pioneers of massage chairs will be celebrating their 60th anniversary and it's really cool to see how far they've come. A brand that needs no introduction is Panasonic, which has been building massage chairs since the late 1960's. Being a major electronics manufacturer they designed a line of health and beauty products which included massage chairs and other devices. Their designs took on a more traditional furniture look with a lot of the early products having a lot of straight lines and crude features. In their Box Type chair from 1969 the rollers were exposed with no padding and only offered a handful of massage functions. It did have a quad-roller system which was patented during the early days of massage chair R&D. It also has a comfortable exterior with high-end upholstery in most cases being leather. The pictures below are of a chair with a similar design from a later era. Of course this type of furniture would be a center piece in any home and early on people who owned them truly appreciated the benefits of an everyday massage.
    Antique Massage Chair
    We'd love to hear from any shoppers who may remember these old models or had a chance to use them. You can share your stories in the comments below. To see our previous posts in this series check out Part 1 Fujiiryoki the Japanese Massage Chair Manufacturer Turns 60! & Part 2 Fujiiryoki Automatic Massage Chair L-II. Of course if shoppers have any questions we can be reached at 888-360-9996, by email at, or through Live Chat (top left).

    ~Customer Service

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  • Fujiiryoki Massage Chair at CES ~ A Look Back at a Relaxing Good Time ~

    Posted on April 3, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    fujiiryoki massage chair logo

    As we look back at all the fun we had at CES we're reminded of all the cool technology and massage chair experiences we had. Fujiiryoki the makers of the Cyber-Relax EC-3800, and Cyber-Relax EC-3700 had a very lively booth experience with plenty of people and therapy products. We really like the EC-3800 and EC-3700 because of all the awesome 3D Roller Adjustments a user can make. Each chair is very easy to use and has a roller system that is incredibly smooth and lifelike. The quality of these Japanese made chairs is noticeable from the instant someone sits down and through the entire massage experience. Dr. Fuji, is a man who needs no introduction, was keeping people entertained and making sure everyone was relaxed and having a good time. In the picture below CES attendees were getting their free massage from a line of different Fujiiryoki chairs. Some were so relaxed they actually fell asleep!

    Fujiiryoki CES 2014

    We had a great time hanging out with Fujiiryoki and are happy to answer any questions shoppers might have about their chairs. You can call us at 888.360.9996, by emailing, or by chatting with us online through Online Chat (top left).

    ~Customer Service Team

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  • Benefits of Massage Therapy - Aids in Pain Relief

    Posted on April 1, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    Benefits of Massage Therapy Banner

    In this post we're going to cover another great benefit of massage therapy. This one seems almost common sense but we wanted to go into further detail about how Massage helps Aid in Pain Relief. Pain is something that every person deals with on multiple levels. Some people have chronic pain from injuries, or a specific type of ailment that has them dealing with pain. We think of people who have been injured at work, in a car accident, or suffer from fibromyalgia when we think of different scenarios that people seek out massage therapy. Massage is not only a natural solution but also benefits in how the body experiences and processes pain. Massage helps by flushing out old chemicals and blood while the body refreshes the are with new blood. This is also known as increasing lymphatic and blood flow. The rubbing sensation also helps remove toxins from the muscle tissue and stretch tight areas. Since this process has a rejuvenating effect most people feel much better after a massage. Massage also promotes endorphins and other feel good chemicals in the body so a person will also benefit by just feeling good and at ease.

    We're happy to help shoppers understand massage therapy and the benefits they can get from using a massage chair. We invite shoppers to call us at 888.360.9996, by emailing, or by chatting with us online through Live Chat (top left).

    ~ Customer Service Team

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  • We Invite Shoppers to Take Advantage of Our Price Match Promise

    Posted on March 27, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    Price Match Guarantee           Price Match Guarantee

    We know how it is when shopping for a massage chair. Shoppers learn about the benefits of a massage chair and now want to start living a healthier life with massage. Shoppers will search online, read reviews, watch videos, try and find the most reputable store to buy one, and also get the best price. Luckily here at Emassagechair we invite all of our shoppers to take advantage of our Price Match Promise aka Guarantee :). We want shoppers to know that not only is our customer service top notch but we also help make the purchasing part easy in case you've found what you want at another store for less.

    It's very simple, just provide us with the massage chair, the store you see the price, and we promise to match that price! Being the massage chair experts we know shoppers feel comfortable ordering through Emassagechair, and we don't want them to take the risk ordering from a non-reputable store because the price is lower. Some restrictions apply but we're always here to help answer any questions. Shoppers can call an expert at 888.360.9996, email, or chat with us through Live Chat (top left).

    ~Customer Service Team

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  • The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Gets Upgraded with some Woodgrain

    Posted on March 26, 2014 by James W

    Osaki has recently added some new upgrades to one of their most popular massage chair models, the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer. We had a chance to check it out back in Janauary at the Las Vegas Market, and it was very impressive.  As you can see from the pictures below, the new Dreamer's side panels have been updated with new wood grain accents, as well as higher quality synthetic leather, and a new pillow that fits the head better. After seeing the new Dreamer in person with the new updates, especially the wood grain accents, it definitely give it a more luxurious feel.  This has been one of our best sellers and a favorite here at

    Check out the pictures below to see the new updates. We are currently taking better pictures, and will be posting them on our blog soon, so stay tuned!

    Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer

    Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer Resources - Read ReviewWatch Videos

    If you have any questions about the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer, please call a Massage Chair Expert today at 888.360.9996.

    ~Customer Service

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  • Panasonic EP-30007kx Massage Chair Airbags - See How They Work

    Posted on March 24, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    Emassagechair Top Seller of Panasonic Massage Chairs

    We decided to give our shoppers a better look at the Panasonic EP-30007kx massage chair airbag system. The Ep-30007 which is part of the Real Pro Ultra Series has fined tuned many of the airbags to offer better and more focused relief. In this video we look at where the airbags are, how they work, and show some clips of them in use. Watch this video to learn what makes the EP-30007 airbags so unique.



    We're happy to answer any questions from shoppers. You can ask them in several convenient ways, you can call us at 888.360.9996, by emailing, or chatting with us through Online Chat (top left).

    ~Customer Service

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  • New Release - Osaki OS-4000T Coming Soon to

    Posted on March 18, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    Osaki Massage Chairs

    Osaki has a new upgraded massage chair coming soon called the Osaki OS-4000T. This will be an upgrade to one of their top selling chairs, the Os-4000. The Os-4000 has been a top selling massage chair for several years for several reasons. First the chair is great for a wide audience because it has a strong but not too strong massage roller. Secondly, the 48 airbags can be adjusted for different intensities and cover a good part of the body. The remote is also easy to use and offers a range of automatic programs. Last but not least a lot of users of the chair also like the 2 Zero Gravity positions, they can go from a relaxing recline (position 1), to almost a bed position in position 2 which is true zero gravity. With the new Os-4000t it's rumored that the chair will now include foot rollers. This is a welcome feature since this is becoming a standard with a lot of massage chair brands.

    You can also check out some Osaki Os-4000 videos to see the chair in action. For now we'll keep our readers posted as soon as we hear more about the Osaki OS-4000t. Of course if any readers have questions they can call us at 888.360.9996, email us at, or chat with us online through Live Support (top left).

    ~Customer Service Team

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  • Benefits of Massage Therapy - Anxiety and Depression

    Posted on March 17, 2014 by Customer Service Team

    Benefits of Massage Therapy Banner

    To continue helping people learn about the Benefits of Massage Therapy we wanted to take a look at how it helps manage anxiety and depression. Anxiety and Depression can plague countless amounts of people and the reasons for each case can be vastly different. One thing that is proven to help in both cases is Massage Therapy. Most people who get a massage notice a sense of calm or a general sense of relaxation. Depending on the methods used people will sometimes be so relaxed they fall asleep. The reason behind this has to do with our internal chemistry. When a person gets a massage special chemicals are released called Dopamine and Serotonin. These are the natural chemicals that help people feel calm, relaxed, and at ease. Fortunately they also help with problems related to Anxiety and Depression.

    Massage therapy is great alternative to many traditional medicines and can be used along with Western styles of healing. A lot of people who suffer from Anxiety and Depression turn to massage therapy sessions, or get a massage chair to use at their own convenience. Of course it's always important to consult  medical professional before exploring alternative medicine.

    We're happy to answer any questions that people might have about the Benefits of Massage Therapy and can be reached by phone at 888.360.9996, by email at, or through Live Chat (top left).

    ~Customer Service Team

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