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  • Celebrate Massage Therapy during National Massage Therapy Week

    Celebrate Massage Therapy Awareness Week

    In an effort to help everyone become better informed with massage therapy, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) started the National Massage Therapy Week. The celebration began on October 19th and ends on October 25th.  During this week Massage Therapy organizations like the AMTA, Emassagechair, and Massage Therapists, are doing what they can to help people learn about the benefits of massage. Here at Emassagechair we're huge advocates for the benefits of massage therapy and understand how important it can be for many different people. Massage therapy is definitely becoming more well known amongst people who suffer chronic illnesses as they look for more natural remedies. The scientific community has also started to become more interested in the benefits of massage as they use it with other methods for treating illnesses.

    Based on the power of touch, massage has been known to make people feel good for over a millennia. Based on advancements in science and the growing culture of people looking for more natural remedies, scientists have joined in and are participating in applying their approach. The goal is to fully understand all the different methods, and how it can effect healthy people, athletes, people with chronic diseases like Fibromyalgia, and in helping aid in cancer treatment. Doctors are starting to adopt this methodology as well. Greg Gray  L.M.T., M.M.P. of Pearland is also helping spread the word, and mentions how Massage isn't just for relaxation any more. Gray states  “The normal relaxation massage will always be there,” he said. “Studies are showing that massage is also effective in medical applications, such as muscle repair, correcting carpal tunnel and even cancer treatment. In fact, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program now includes a massage component.” This is huge news for the massage and medical community, as well as people looking for natural remedies.

    Five Benefits of Massage as Alternative Medicine

    • Helps Lower Blood Pressure
    • Helps Aid in Pain Relief for People with Fibromyalgia
    • Helps Ease Cancer Related Fatigue
    • Helps Decrease Pain in Cancer Patience
    • Helps Treat Anxiety and Depression


    We have mentioned a lot of the Benefits of Massage Therapy in several posts, and also have a great list of the Benefits that were put together by one of our health experts. Another way we help shoppers learn more about the benefits is by covering all the great media that is available on the web. Readers can check out our Massage News Around the Web to see all of our educational posts.

    As a leading retailer for massage chairs, and portable massagers, we think it's very important to help everyday people learn how they can live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Of course we advise any person who's interested in massage for medical treatment to consult with their physician to make sure they're healthy enough for massage.

    We're happy to chat with shoppers to help them learn more, and to learn about our wide selection of massage chairs. You can contact us by phone at 888.360.9996, by email at, and through Online Chat (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Sneak Peek of the New Black Infinity Iyashi - Massage Chair Video

    Infinity Massage Chair

    Last year we were invited to visit the great folks at Infinity massage chair to check out their new Infinity Iyashi in New Hampshire.  We wanted to reminisce in this blog post and re-introduce one of the coolest massage chairs we've ever seen. The Infinity Iyashi chair is one of the most therapeutic massage machines we've ever used, mainly because of the long roller design. The Iyashi roller stroke, which is 47 inches long, is the only chair that can complete massage underneath the upper legs and buttocks. There are a lot of imitations out there but the Iyashi is the only chair that offers a smooth and multi-styled upper and lower body massage experience. When we first tried this chair we were completely taken back by the experience. We noticed that it wasn't just the length of the roller stroke that made this chair so special. We noticed that the foot massage was also one of the best of any chair, not only because there were foot rollers, but the design of the rollers were able to knead the feet in the most important places. The foot rollers are great at hitting the most tender spots, like the arches, the forefoot, and heel. They also work in perfect unison with the foot airbags so that the entire foot gets massage. It seems simple, as the airbags move the feet back and forth over the rollers, but they also compress and move in a wave like fashion that gives full massage coverage to the feet. Another thing we noticed was how the design of the chair (having a capsule like exterior) helped a person relax by eliminating outside distractions, and giving a person a cradled experience. It also helps that the chair is very easy to use and can also play calming music right next to the head, which helps a person relax and completely get lost in the experience.

    We wanted to look back on our visit because Infinity has hinted at some very cool new additions to the Iyashi chair in the next few months. They have talked about releasing a new color for the Iyashi. A few months ago they added the Iyashi with the Black interior, and have talked about adding the Iyashi with the Black exterior. Since this was the first Iyashi we had seen we were very excited to now be able to offer that to our shoppers. In the quick introduction video below shoppers can get a sneak peek at the Iyashi with the Black exterior and Caramel upholstery.


    The Iyashi with the Black exterior may still be a bit of a rumor but we'll keep our shoppers as up to date as possible. If you have any questions about the Iyashi massage chair or other Infinity massage chairs please give us a call. We can be reached at 888.360.9996, or you can email us at We also invite shoppers to chat with us while they shop through  our Online Chat (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Panasonic EP-MA70 Heated 3D Rollers - Massage Chair Video

    The Panasonic EP-MA70 massage chair is one of the best massage chairs available. Not only does Panasonic make iconic products but they build them to last. We commonly get customers calling in talking to us about how they've had their Panasonic chair 10+ years, there's nothing wrong with it, they are just ready for a new chair. In many of these instances their lucky children or friends actually get a great "hand-me down" chair in the process. Not only do these chairs last a long time, but they also have some of the coolest features of any others. We wanted to dedicate this post to one of the special features that can easily get overlooked; the heated 3D Jade Rollers. We understand how it can seem not that significant, because many chairs have heat. Panasonic took it to the next level and actually made the rollers themselves heated. Very similar to a hot stone massage. Instead of the heat being in one area, it travels with the rollers across the entire back. This is great for applying heat to the shoulders, the lower back, the middle of the back, and any other problem areas on the back. Since the roller on the EP-MA70 is 31 inches it will also hit the top area of the glutes. The Heated 3D rollers are also so popular that Panasonic made sure to include this in their newest massage chair, the Panasonic EP-MA73. Watch the video below to see massage chair expert Heather demonstrate the 3D Rollers.



    We're always happy to talk with shoppers about the Panasonic EP-MA70, or EP-MA73. We can also help shoppers learn about the benefits of Heat therapy and if it's right for them. You can reach us by dialing 888.360.9996, emailing, or chatting with online through Live Support (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Reflexology Video: How to Perform a Foot Massage - Massage News Around the Web

    Massage Therapy News from Around the Web

    As we continue to find cool and new Massage News Around the Web we're delighted by all the different people who are willing to share their knowledge. This is very cool because people are able to find useful techniques, discover new ways of healing, and think about the body in a whole new way. It's also cool because it helps people become more interested in these types of healing practices, and it's all for free. In this edition we take a look at a Reflexology Video that teaches someone how to perform a foot massage. Michelle Ebbin from BasicKnead hosts a great demonstration on ModernMom. She goes over the general idea of why massage is so important, and talks about the different reflex points on the foot. We took a look at a Foot Reflexology chart in our What Research is Saying About Reflexology post. In the video below you will get a more interactive understanding of the theory and practical use of foot massage for healing.

    Foot massage is also growing more important as people are living more active and demanding lives. People are using their feet more intensely as they exercise, at work, and just doing fun and exciting things. Of course not everybody has time to go to a masseuse but there are other ways to get a similar treatment. The Cozzia CS-7010 foot massager which can be used at home is a great portable massager. For people looking for a full body massage experience with a great foot massage we suggest checking out the Infinity Iyashi or the Infinity It-8500 massage chair.

    We're also happy to help shoppers with questions, and you can speak to a massage chair expert by dialing 888.360.9996, emailing, or chatting with us through Online Chat (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here at we want to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer and the millions of woman who battle with breast cancer each year. Breast Cancer Awareness was founded in 1985 in partnership with the American Cancer Association in an effort to promote education and to find a cure. Through this partnership Breast Cancer survivors has increased dramatically. According to the American Cancer Society death rates have dropped 34% over the last 20 years, and there are currently 2.8 million survivors just in the US. Many people are already aware of Breast Cancer Awareness because of their strong education efforts and the Pink Ribbon campaigns. The Pink Ribbon has become a national symbol for breast cancer awareness and is primarily promoted for people to focus on the cure and not the individual plight suffered by people with breast cancer. We see it explained best from Wikipedia where they mention that the "Pink Ribbon is associated with individual Generosity, Faith in the Scientific Process, and a Can Do Attitude." It helps woman and men who suffer from Breast Cancer to remain strong and work on being positive while fighting the disease.

    How To Get Involved
    We also like to do our part to bring awareness and there are many ways to get involved. There are plenty of awareness events that allow people to donate, volunteer, or just show their support. One program to check out is the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk hosted by the American Cancer Society.

    Medical and Natural Treatments
    All of the efforts to help fight cancer have increasingly gotten better over the years. Medical treatments have increasingly helped people cope with Cancer treatments, like surgical practices, intensive medical practice, and even alternative medicine. Not surprisingly massage has made its way into the treatment programs with Cancer. The ACS states that massage for Cancer treatment is great for a patients well being. It can help patients with certain types of cancer deal with Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, and aid in blood circulation. There have also been instances where it helps reduce the needs for pain medication. It has become so widely accepted that many hospitals and cancer centers now offer massage to patients. We think its important to continue everything possible to help in the fight against Breast Cancer and Cancer in general. As health and wellness enthusiasts we're also overjoyed that massage therapy is embraced as a healing practice for a disease that has such a dire reputation.

    We're always happy to hear from people who've had a positive experience with massage in cancer treatment, or as a practice to live a healthier life. Our massage chair experts are always happy to hear from shoppers so please don't hesitate to reach out.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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    American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Highlights

    American Cancer Society Healing and Massage

  • Fujiiryoki AS-003 and Panasonic EP-3202 - Massage Chairs From Then Till Now Series

    Fujiiryoki AS-003

    fujiiryoki massage chair logo

    In this edition of Massage Chairs from then Till Now we take a look at two iconic brands, Fujiiryoki and Panasonic. These two pioneers have consistently produced high quality massage machines and were the sole leaders in the industry for roughly three decades. In the early 2000's more people started to take notice and understand the benefits of massage and how easy it was to get a massage with a massage chair. Another pioneer Inada, had also been making massage chairs but was not as widely known as they are today. In this post we take a look at the Fujiiryoki AS-003, and the Panasonic EP-3202 massage chairs. The Fujiiryoki AS-003 pictured to the right was highly regarded for its design. It also was on of the first chairs to start incorporating stretch techniques and a more thorough air massage for the legs.


    Panasonic EP-3202

    The Panasonic EP-3202 also came with some amazing features for its time. Panasonic has always focused on the usability of their chairs. Functions like a repeat option, which allowed a user to experience a favorite massage movement again throughout the program are still prevalent in current models. There was also a memory program for different users, specific neck massage programs, and intensity controls for the leg air massage.

    The massage chair from just a few years earlier were already much different from the models released in 2002-2003. We see more of a focus on different massage techniques and functions. The chairs are also trending to become more like a medical massage machine as they incorporate more massage functions.

    We're happy to help customers learn more about modern day chairs like the Fujiiryoki EC-3800, or Panasonic EP-MA73, and can answer questions by phone at 888.360.9996, by email at, or through Live Chat (top left).
    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Brand New Luraco iRobotics i6SL Now Available at

    Luraco iRobotics 6s Massage Chair

    Luraco 6SL With Leather                              Luraco 6SL With Leather

    Luraco Technologies the company behind the American Made Luraco iRobotics 6S has just announced a new chair; the iRobotics 6SL massage chair. This new chair will completely replace their 6S model and offers some new upgrades. The iRobotics 6S has already become a very popular model, mainly because of its high quality craftsmanship, its lifelike massage roller, and full body airbag massage system. The 6S is also very easy to use with a touch screen remote with voice guidance, that will guide a user through their massage session, and their Android app that allows the user to control their chair from their Bluetooth enabled Android powered device. The 6s is also great for accommodating larger people, and works great with people up to 6 foot 4 inches, and taller. All of the great things people love about the current Luraco chair will also be available on the new iRobotics 6SL with several new upgrades, which are listed below.

    Enhanced Neck and Shoulder Massage
    New Genuine Leather Upholstery on the Arms, Head, and Feet
    Proprietary Noise Reduction Technology

    Here at Emassagechair we're very excited to check out the new upgrades on the 6SL and will keep our shoppers completely up to date on our experiences. This new chair will retail for $6495 and is currently available for purchase. We're happy to help shoppers learn more about this chair and they can do so in several ways. Customers can call us at 888.360.9996, email us at, or chat with us Online through Live Support (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Benefits of Massage on Diabetes - Massage News Around the Web

    Massage Therapy News from Around the Web

                     Report Source: AMTA

    In this edition of Massage News Around the Web, we take a look at the benefits of massage for someone who has diabetes. Since the benefits of massage are varied across many types of illnesses and chronic diseases, massage then becomes a great as a natural remedy. This really hits home for many people who don't like side effects of certain medication, and can rely on massage as their primary medicine. Now massage is great but any person looking to take advantage of the benefits for a certain condition should always consult their doctor. In a study about the effects of massage on diabetes published on the AMTA website, they found many interesting findings. Below is a quick list of their findings.

    General Massage Benefits
    Just like with people without Diabetes, the people who were diabetic were able to get the same general benefits. This includes relaxation, a general sense of well-being, and like with active people, an alleviation of muscle soreness.

    Relaxation Specific Benefits
    Since the lifestyle in coping with diabetes is very stressful, through all of the glucose monitoring, balancing blood sugar levels, and insulin medications, its important to emphasize the huge benefit that can occur just from relaxation. The power of touch through massage has also shown to decrease the production of stress hormones which produces beneficial effects on blood sugar.

    Improved Circulation
    Since massage helps improve circulation of not only blood flow but also of lymph, it helps deliver more nutrients to more areas of the body. Since circulation can be impaired as part of the damaging effects of Diabetes, having better circulation helps keep the systems in the body healthier.

    Myofascial Effects
    Myofascial effects help benefit a person with diabetes by helping stimulate the Muscle (myo) and connective tissues (fascial) tissues. This is important because of the stiffening effects diabetes has on the muscles and connective tissues. It helps loosens these areas by improving circulation, and helps improve mobility from the more flexible and healthier tissues.

    Some other great notes from the study showed that hand and foot massage can also have great benefits because of the poor circulation to these areas. We're happy to help shoppers find the right massage chair to fit their needs, and the Panasonic EP-MA73 or Infinity Iyashi provide great full body massages, with special hand and feet massage. You can reach a massage chair expert by calling 888.360.9996, or by emailing You can also chat with us online through Live Support (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Luraco iRobotics 6s Massage Chair Bluetooth Set-Up Video

    Luraco iRobotics 6s Massage Chair

    The American Made Luraco iRobotics 6s massage chair has become very popular since its release over a year ago. Luraco Technologies who manufactures the 6s is a forward thinking electronics company and spends a lot of time on research and development. This helps them create products that are easy to use, have some of the newest features, and can stay on the cutting edge of technology. A great example of their products keeping up with future trends is their Bluetooth connectivity feature and Android app for the iRobotics 6s. The set-up is very easy and the Bluetooth connector (dongle) can be purchased for $299. Once the Bluetooth dongle has been connected someone using the chair can then control it through the Android App on their Android powered phone or tablet. Check out the instructional video below to see the Android app and Bluetooth connector in action.



    Being able to control your massage chair from your phone or tablet is very cool and convenient. There are only a few other chairs that have an Android App, like the Infinity Iyashi and it's Android App. Watch this Best Luraco iRobotics 6s Massage chair video to learn all about its features.

    If shoppers have any questions on whether they might need the bluetooth adapter when purchasing the Luraco iRobotics 6s massage chair, they can call us at 888.360.9996. We can also be reached via email at, or through our Online Chat (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • September is Self-Improvement Month - 5 Tips on Improving Your Life

    Cozzia CS-7010 Foot Massager                             Cozzia CS-7010 is happy to celebrate "Self-Improvement Month". This September Emassagechair is offering a chance for two people to win a Cozzia CS-7010 Foot Massager. To learn more simply click on the image to the right and "Like" our Facebook page. Hint, the more people you get to like our page the more of a chance you have to win! We invite shoppers to read the list below to see 5 ways you can improve your life in the Self-Improvement Month of September. Also check out our previous post on Self-Improvement where we offer Tips on Living a Happier and Healthier Life.
    Tip 1
    Take advantage of the last few weeks of summer and get outside. Going for a walk, or playing with your pets in the park is a great way to improve your everyday life, and break up your routine.

    Tip 2
    Reset your goals. Goals are great in the beginning of the year, and now its time to take in on all the things you've achieved. Since there's only a few months left of this year, think about some small changes you can make to keep improving through the rest of the year.

    Tip 3
    Stay persistent. Nothing in life comes easy, so it's good to stay persistent on whatever you're trying to achieve. Like dad use to say, if you fall down, you must get back up!]

    Tip 4
    Thwart negativity. Find small things everyday that make you happy, and keep you happy. When you feel good, you want to do good.

    Tip 5
    Learn or Try something new. Stay engaged in life, and find new passions. The world is full of cool and amazing things, search them out and you'll be surprised at what you'll find.
    Of course all of these things will take time, but when it comes to self-improvement, there's no time like the present. Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook to enter a chance to win!

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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