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  • Infinity IT-8500 FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

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    We had many great questions come our way about the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair. We have compiled them all into one place for everyone to read. When researching massage chairs, many important factors can be left out or hard to find. We try hard to gather all of this information on our website, but some customers have special needs or exact questions that need to be answered. Questions like if the chair ottoman touches the floor? and if the chairs are comfortable to just sit in? We always give our honest opinion, so here is a quick Infinity IT-8500 FAQ for easy reference.


    Infinity IT-8500 FAQ

    Q: Does the Infinity IT-8500 Ottoman touch the ground when the Massage Chair is in an upright position?

    A: The Infinity IT-8500's Ottoman does touch the ground when upright.



    Q: Do the massage rollers on the Infinity IT-8500 reach the back of the neck and massage thoroughly?

    A: The massage rollers do reach the back of your neck and provide a great deep tissue massage. The airbags located in the pillow also help to provide a compression massage further enhancing the massage.



    Q: What is the width of the seat on the Infinity IT-8500?

    A: The seat width on the IT-8500 is 19 inches.



    Q: Is the Infinity IT-8500 comfortable to sit in when not using the massage?

    A: The Infinity IT-8500 massage chair is very comfortable to lounge in, but it is a massage chair and not a lounge chair. It will feel a little bulkier.



    Q: How many airbags does the Infinity IT-8500 have?

    A: The IT-8500 has a total of 38 airbags to help provide a full body massage. They are located in the neck pillow, hips, arms, shoulders, seat area, calves, and feet.



    Q: Does the Infinity IT-8500 have a 3D massage roller?

    A: No, it has a quad style 2D system.




    Q: What is the roller stroke on the IT-8500 Massage Chair?

    A: The roller stroke is 30.75 inches.




    Q: Can the pillow on the IT-8500 be removed by zipper? Can the pillow and the back pad be flipped behind the chair for deeper massage?

    A: The pillow cannot be unzipped on the IT-8500. It can however be flipped back so that someone can be more exposed to the rollers and get a deeper massage.




    Q: Are there strength and intensity settings on the Infinity IT-8500?

    A: The intensity of the rollers depends on what massage setting you choose. Different programs have different intensities. When you go into a reclined position the massage rollers become more intense as the body is pushed against and more exposed to the massaging mechanisms.



    Q: Does the Infinity IT-8500 have a good butt massage?

    A: The IT-8500 is able to give a deep tissue massage to the butt due to the airbags located below the seat.



    Q: Does the Infinity IT-8500 have spot massage where you are able to stop the massage in an area of the body?

    A: Yes, the Infinity IT-8500 has the ability to give spot massage.

    That concludes our Infinity IT-8500 FAQ for now. If you would like to learn more, please call us at 888.360.9996 or email

    ~Customer Support Team

    We're Dedicated to Offering the Best Customer Service

  • The New Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair

    Titan Massage Chair

    We're excited to announce a new massage chair from Titan Massage Chairs and is now available at Emassagechair, the Titan TP-Pro 8300. The TP-Pro 8400 incorporates the advanced massage technology in Titan Chair series, now integrated with zero gravity positioning and outer shoulder massage. It’s easy to use remote control allows you to navigate through the features with ease.


    Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair

    Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair

    Price: $2995
    Colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Cream

    Massage Features:

    50" L-Track:  The L-Track design is very unique in the industry and the Titan TP-Pro 8400 massage chair has a 50" L-Track. Not only do the massage rollers massage from the bottom of your head, but they extend all the way under your buttocks. This provides a very unique massage that only a few massage chairs in the industry can do. There are 3 levels of adjustments of strength and speed to tailor your massage to your changing needs.

    Zero Gravity Recline: The NASA inspired position, the Titan TP-Pro 8400 will recline while the ottoman raises until your legs are about at your heart level. This will reduce compression along your spine and also put you into a deeper state of relaxation. The massage rollers are able to massage even better and deeper while in the Zero Gravity recline.

    Foot Rollers: there are 2 foot rollers located at the bottom of the feet. These provide a reflexology massage that targets the acupoints on the bottom of your feet. Airbags located in the ottoman help to hold your feet in place while pushing down for a deeper massage that will help you to feel refreshed.

    Airbag Massage: 24 airbags are located throughout the Titan TP-Pro 8400 massage chair. They help to provide a full body massage in conjunction with the massage rollers that are located in the back rest and ottoman. Airbags are located in the shoulders, arms, seat, calves, lumbar, and thighs. The 5 levels of intensity will allow you to tailor your massage to your changing daily needs.

    Heat: There are 2 heating pads that are located in the lower back of the massage chair to enhance your massage experience. The heat helps to loosen up the muscle tissue so that massage rollers can do a deeper and better massage. The heat also help to relive the tension that build up in the lower back.

    Space Saving Design: As the massage chair reclines, it will also slide forward. This space saving design allows you to put the Titan TP-Pro 8400 in a smaller area since there is less space needed behind the massage chair.

    Easy-to-Use Remote: The Titan TP- Pro 8400 massage chair remote allows you to easily visualize what functions the chair has activated. The remote allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed and location and you can also independently select the area of airbag massage. There is also a flip down cover to access the manual functions of the chair. The manual mode massage includes kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling, combination and punching.

    Massage Chair Experts Badge
    We'll keep shoppers up to date and we are happy to answer any questions about the Titan TP-Pro 8300 massage chairs. Our Massage Chair Experts are here to answer questions by phone at 888.360.9996, by email at, and through our Online Chat.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

  • The New Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair

    Titan Massage ChairWe're excited to announce a new massage chair from Titan Massage Chairs and is now available at Emassagechair, the Titan TP-Pro 8300. The Titan TP-Pro 8300 is equipped with the latest technology, it allows for the rollers to map the back curvature with even more accuracy, which translates into a more precise massage hitting all the key areas. Regardless of your body type this highly advanced chair can measure many body types making each massage experience feel customized.


    Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair

    Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair

    Price: $3995
    Colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Cream

    Massage Chair Features:

    Massage Roller:  The massage roller of the Titan TP-Pro 8300 massage chair has a 33" length, which is one of the longer track lengths and will massage users from 5' to 6'-5". It has an S-Track style that will follow the natural curve of your spine. The built in body scan will automatically detect your back to ensure that the roller massage the proper areas and muscles. With 3 levels of massage intensity, you can enjoy a gentle massage or a vigorous massage depending on your needs.

    Zero Gravity Recline: The massage chair will rotate and recline while the ottoman raises your feet. The goal is to get your legs about level with your heart. According to research from NASA, this will take off the compression pressure along your spine, and it will also put you into a deeper state of relaxation.

    Dual Foot Rollers: The Titan TP-Pro 8300 comes equipped with dual foot rollers that will spin and apply a Reflexology Massage along the bottom of your feet.

    Airbag Massage: There are 28 airbags located in various areas of the massage chair. These are used in order to give you a full massage in conjunction with the massage rollers. An air compression massage is available in the shoulder, back and waist, arm and hand, thighs, calves, feet, and even the seat. 5 levels of intensity will allow you to adjust from a gentle massage to a really deep and invigorating massage.

    Heat: There is a heating pad located on the lower back to help loosen up the muscles for a better and deeper massage.

    Space Saving Design: The Titan TP-Pro 8300 will slide forward as it reclines. This means you will need less room behind the massage chair as opposed to many other massage chairs on the market. This is great if you plan on putting the chair in an apartment or in an area that does not have much room.

    Chromotherapy: The Titan TP-Pro 8300 comes with mood setting LED lights. This cool tone LED lights are hidden behind a metallic plexi-glass and is only visible when activated. In a dark room setting, the LED light will cast a cool blue color on the surrounding walls, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

    Remote: The Titan TP-Pro 8300 remote presents one of the largest viewing screens to easily visualize what functions the chair has activated. The remote allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed and location. You can also independently select  the area of airbag massage. The manual mode massage includes kneading, tapping,knocking, rolling, and pressing.
    Titan TP-Pro 8300 Massage Chair Remote
    Massage Chair Experts Badge
    We'll keep shoppers up to date and we are happy to answer any questions about the Titan TP-Pro 8300 massage chairs. Our Massage Chair Experts are here to answer questions by phone at 888.360.9996, by email at, and through our Online Chat.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

  • Last Day to Order for Guaranteed Christmas Delivery 2014

    Christmas Delivery

    The holidays are in full swing, and many shoppers have already had a rush of excitement from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. There are still plenty of shoppers looking for the perfect gift, for the themselves or their loved ones, and want to make sure they get it in time for Christmas. Massage chairs make great gifts for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of massage or enhance an existing healthy lifestyle. Since the biggest holiday of the year is just around the corner we wanted to help shoppers know what to expect shipping times. Below we talk about the delivery process, and our two types of shipping methods - White Glove Delivery, and Threshold Delivery.

    Massage Chairs Are Delivered by Freight

    Once you place an order for a massage chair it is immediately prepared for delivery. The preparation process can take 2-3 business days. Once we receive shipping confirmation you will be emailed tracking information so that you can track your shipment. All order preparations are done M-F, so an order placed on the weekend will process first thing that following Monday. Freight shipments take additional time for the care and handling of a larger package. They don't move as quickly as say a pair of shoes, or a book.
    Last Day to Order For White Glove Delivery
    The last day to order for guaranteed White Glove delivery for Christmas is December 6th. White Glove delivery takes 10-14 days and requires a few extra steps that can additional days to the deliveries. Since this is the busiest time of year shoppers will see less availability for delivery scheduling, and limited amounts of delivery during the week of Christmas. White Glove deliveries are done Monday - Friday.

    Last Day to Order for Threshold Delivery
    The last day for guaranteed Threshold delivery or our Free Delivery method is December 12th. Threshold delivery takes 7-10 days for delivery from the date of purchase. All deliveries are done Monday - Friday and require an appointment. This is the fastest delivery method and we urge any last minute shoppers to choose this option.

    We know there's nothing more important than getting that perfect gift and having it arrive on time. That's why we want to take special care with our shoppers to make sure they get exactly what they in time for Christmas. Of course we'll always help our shoppers know of any back orders, weather conditions, or any other factors that may delay the delivery.

    We're always happy to help and for anyone with questions, we can be reached at 888.360.9996, by email at, or through Online Chat (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Black Friday Massage Chair Deals Continues at

    2014 Black Friday Deals Massage Chair Countdown

    The countdown continues with Black Friday fast approaching. With only a week left until shoppers can get the best massage chair deals of the year we wanted to help go over what shoppers can expect. Shoppers can expect deals on the most popular brands like Panasonic, Osaki, Infinity, Cozzia, Luraco, and many more. One of the most frequent questions we get is if we'll be offering Black Friday Specials on our Massage Chairs. The simple answer is yes, and we urge our shoppers to stay tuned to find out.

    Our massage chair experts have also noticed that shoppers have already been busy researching, asking great questions, and learning more about our chairs through reviews and videos. Many times the experts at Emassagechair act as personal shoppers recommending chairs, walking customers through features, and doing massage chair comparisons. One of the biggest pieces of advice we can offer customers is to act quickly on their purchase. During the holiday season our best sellers will go fast. Some of our most popular chairs, like the Osaki OS-4000t, Panasonic EP-MA73, and Infinity IT-8500 will be sold out as soon as they're available. Certain colors will also sell out quickly. Even if a chair is currently not in stock we still recommend making the purchase so that you can have one reserved once we receive new inventory. Back orders is a common issue during the holidays and shoppers can still get the chair and color they want, they will just have an extended delivery time.

    Holiday Inventory Updates

    With most massage chairs the most popular color options are Brown and Black so these will sell out the fastest. Manufacturers will also make limited quantities of colors like Cream or Beige so don't hesitate if this is a color choice you want in your home. Currently the Osaki OS-4000t in Cream and Charcoal is on Back Order until January. The brand new Panasonic EP-MA73 has also become a top selling model, and has sold out in every store. has the only inventory left for immediate shipment. This chair will quickly sell out. The Brand New Iyashi with the Black Exterior is also very popular and will sell out quickly. If these chairs are on your wishlist we suggest acting fast!

    We're getting just as excited as shoppers as we get closer to Black Friday. We look forward to helping in every way we can and if visitors have questions they can call us at 888.360.9996. Visitors can also email us at, or talk with us through Online Chat.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Massage Chair Comparison Tool at

    Massage Chair Comparison
    When looking for the best massage chair and the best deals it can get confusing with all of the options out there. We completely understand how daunting of a task choosing the right chair can be, considering we have over 10 brands and over 30 massage chairs to choose. A person looking to bring therapy and relief into their home needs to find the right chair but shouldn't be stressed out about it. That’s why we’ve put together many different ways to learn about our massage chairs and offer free expert advice. Similar to the experience you would find visiting a store to try a chair our experts can help guide you through the features of each chair to help you find whats right for you. Many shoppers don;t know where to start but know they are looking for specific massage functions, or have a specific injury or ailment that they’re looking to relieve or rehabilitate. That’s where we make things easy.

    We Make Learning Easy

    Shoppers who want to see the massage chairs and how they work can check out our massage chair videos, on YouTube. We also have complete product reviews for many of our most popular massage chairs. These are written by experts who understand all the different features and help shoppers get an in-depth look at each chair. We also offer a massage chair comparison tool so that shoppers can compare any chair from any brand. This will give shoppers a detailed list and see how each model stacks up against the other. Below we do a brief walk through so shoppers can easily use the comparison.


    Two Ways to Compare Massage

    Comparing massage chairs is easy, and below we show shoppers the two ways to do this. One way is through the Massage Chair Product Page, and the second is through the Massage Chair Catalog Page.


    Compare Massage Chairs from the Product Page

    Shoppers can look for this icon on the product page, which is located below all of the options next to the Add to Cart button. They can then find a another chair to compare and click on the same icon. Once they have more than one massage chair to compare they simply click on the “Compare Button” icon on the right of the product page. A comparison chart will pop-up with a detailed comparison of each chair.
    Massage Chair Comparison on Product Page

    Compare Massage Chairs from the Catalog Page

    When shoppers want to compare when they are scrolling through all of the options in our catalog the steps are very similar. They find which chair’s they’d like to compare and click on the same comparison icon. Once they are ready to see the side by side comparison they simply click on the “compare massage chairs” on the top left of the catalog page.
    Massage Chair Comparison Catalog Page

    Comparison Chart

    It’s just that easy!
    Massage Chair Comparison Chart

    We also know that learning more about the differences in massage chairs might leave a shopper with more questions than answers. That’s why we invite any shoppers to contact us with any questions they might have. It’s easy to talk to an expert, you can call us at 888.360.9996, email us at, or chat with us through Online Chat.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Panasonic EP-MA73 vs Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair Comparison

    A question we've been getting from a lot of shoppers is, What are the differences between the Panasonic EP-MA70 and Panasonic EP-MA73 massage chairs? Since these chairs can be hard to find and try, we wanted to weigh in with our expertise and help answer this question. Panasonic recently released their EP-MA73 and this is their newest chair since they released the Panasonic EP-MA70 back in 2011. Since it's debut, the Panasonic EP-MA73 has already become very popular. Panasonic massage chairs are considered some of the highest quality chairs available and have a high rate of satisfaction from users. Of course, being the experts in massage chairs, we were delighted to see all the new massage technology that the new Panasonic EP-MA73 would have. Below is a comparison between the two chairs.


    Panasonic EP-MA73 vs Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair Comparison
    Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair

    The Panasonic EP-MA70 and Pansonic EP-MA73 have a lot of basic similarities. They look almost identical in shape and size, with only a few differences in appearances. The EP-MA70 has wood grain armrests while the EP-MA73 has soft faux leather armrests with silver details on the side of the chair. The EP-MA73 also has perforated leather on some of the airbags, the seat and the backrest. The EP-MA70 has a simple smooth faux leather.

    The Pansonic EP-MA73 has bigger space in the ottoman for your calves and the airbags are larger. This will help for larger people since the leg area can be tight on some users.

    The massage roller in each chair is very similar and both massage chairs feel absolutely amazing with the heated rollers. The Heated massage in the feet, and the arm airbag are much better than in the older EP-MA70. The EP-MA70 arm airbags feel good and hit certain points in the arms and hands because of special nodes,  but the EP-MA73 arm airbags has three pressure points that are in the shape of a diamond. These airbags alternate when they inflate and massage and they feel better when they hit the different points on your hand and your forearm. The nodes in the airbags on the EP-MA73 are also less aggressive than those found in the EP-MA70.

    For people with more sensitive feet, they will like the Panasonic EP-MA73 foot massage more. The armrests also move more smoothly when the chair reclines, so that the arm massage never gets disrupted during the massage.This also helps in the comfort of the chair and helps a person relax more quickly.

    Panasonic EP-MA73 Massage Chair Stretch Features
    The Panasonic EP-MA73 also has better stretch features with two additional stretch programs. They also redesigned the previous stretch techniques and put more emphasis on the roller in the chair. The airbags and massage roller work more intelligently to focus and apply more pressure to certain areas.

    Watch Our Panasonic EP-MA70 and EP-MA73 Massage Chair Comparison Video


    From using both of the massage chairs, we definitely think the differences are worth the difference in price. For shoppers on a tighter budget, the EP-MA70 is a great massage chair for people looking for a high quality 3D roller experience.

    We're happy to help shoppers learn more about both Panasonic massage chairs, and suggest calling us to find out about special pricing for both models. Our massage chair experts can be reached at 888.360.9996, by email at, and through our Online Chat.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • 3 Reasons to Buy From

    3 Reasons to Buy From


    Shoppers searching for a massage chair can be bombarded, not only with choices, but which store they should buy from. We get the "why should I buy from" question a lot so we thought we'd talk a little about ourselves. First we want to say that buying a massage chair is an important purchase. In many cases its related specifically to a healthy lifestyle or as part of a doctor prescribed pain relief regiment. Whatever the case may be, its important to find just the right chair to fit your budget. Below are some reasons that many shoppers have chosen to shop with us over a lot of other stores. You can also learn about all of the great reasons on our Why Buy From Us page. Check out or main 3 reasons to buy from

    3 Reasons to Buy From

    Thousands of Happy Customers

    Thousands of Happy Customers

    We've helped shoppers buy their massage chair far and wide across all of North America. We've been able to do this because of our wide and trusted network that makes sure the chair gets there on time, is the right chair they ordered, and that it is everything they hoped for. We also know that things do go wrong and that's why we make sure to not only be there before the purchase but also after, offering as much support as possible. We've also invited our shoppers to talk about their experience - good or bad - which they've been happy to do on our ResellerRatings Page. We also have a very high standing with the Better Business Bureau.


    Number One Massage Chair Store

    Number 1 Trusted Massage Chair Store

    We have worked very hard to become the very best place for shoppers to buy a massage chair. We do this by being a platinum partner with our brands. This helps our customers by giving them the best choices in chairs, at the best possible prices. We also help answer every possible questions a shopper might have, and provide all this information for free on our store. We also make sure our customers feel confident in getting the best chair at the best price and invite them to take advantage of our Price Match Promise.


    Free Massage Chair Expert Advice

    Free Expert Advice

    One of the toughest choices when shopping for a new massage chair, is which one do you choose? We make this easy by inviting our shoppers to take advantage of our Free Expert Advice. We pride ourselves on trying every chair, knowing all of the differences, and knowing how each chair will fit different people. That's why we're the massage chair experts and are happy to share our expert advice! Of course if you love to do the research yourself, check out our Massage Chair Comparison tool, that makes it fast and easy!

    There are many other reasons to shop with considered the best massage chair store. Of course we invite shoppers to learn more by calling us at 888.360.9996, emailing, or chatting with us online through Live Chat.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • New Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Black Color Option Now Available

    Infinity Massage Chair

    The Infinity Iyashi massage chair which is known best for its extensive 47 inch roller length is now available in two new color options. This is very exciting for massage chair shoppers who were looking for a chair to fit in better with their home decor.

    The chair gained a lot of popularity after it was released over a year ago. Mainly users of the chair and people purchased the chair saw a huge benefit with having the massage roller reach the lower portion of their body. Since the roller can move down past the lower back and under the legs, it helps work one of the tightest areas for a lot of people - the lower back and hamstrings. It has a great stretch feature that is highly effective not only because of the longer roller, but the encompassing shoulder airbags that reach further across the chest. Some customers have also mentioned how effective the foot rollers are on this chair, and that its better than a real masseuse. Other notable features are the sliding base, so it takes up less space in a room, it's easy to use remote control, full body heat, and comfortable interior.

    Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Now Available in BlackThe new color options are black exterior with a black interior, and a black exterior with a caramel interior. Black is one of the most popular colors for massage chairs, some brands only come in black, and this new color option from Infinity is very sleek. It is a contrast from the original color which had a white exterior. The white exterior has a very clean and modern look, but customers still wanted another option. Infinity listened and delivered this new choice just in time for the 2014 Holiday season. We're also very excited about the color for several reasons. Not only does the Iyashi have very clean lines but this new color helps streamline its contemporary look even further. The black on black option has a more masculine feel and will fit better in a more modern setting. The black with caramel will fit in a decor that is warmer with colors, or for someone who likes the contrast between the black and the brown.

    We're also very excited to finally have this color option and had seen an early model of this last year when we visited Infinity. You can see our video in this Sneak Peak Video of the Black Iyashi.

    We're happy to help customers with any questions and a massage chair expert can be reached at 888.360.9996,, or through Online Chat.

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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  • Celebrate Massage Therapy during National Massage Therapy Week

    Celebrate Massage Therapy Awareness Week

    In an effort to help everyone become better informed with massage therapy, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) started the National Massage Therapy Week. The celebration began on October 19th and ends on October 25th.  During this week Massage Therapy organizations like the AMTA, Emassagechair, and Massage Therapists, are doing what they can to help people learn about the benefits of massage. Here at Emassagechair we're huge advocates for the benefits of massage therapy and understand how important it can be for many different people. Massage therapy is definitely becoming more well known amongst people who suffer chronic illnesses as they look for more natural remedies. The scientific community has also started to become more interested in the benefits of massage as they use it with other methods for treating illnesses.

    Based on the power of touch, massage has been known to make people feel good for over a millennia. Based on advancements in science and the growing culture of people looking for more natural remedies, scientists have joined in and are participating in applying their approach. The goal is to fully understand all the different methods, and how it can effect healthy people, athletes, people with chronic diseases like Fibromyalgia, and in helping aid in cancer treatment. Doctors are starting to adopt this methodology as well. Greg Gray  L.M.T., M.M.P. of Pearland is also helping spread the word, and mentions how Massage isn't just for relaxation any more. Gray states  “The normal relaxation massage will always be there,” he said. “Studies are showing that massage is also effective in medical applications, such as muscle repair, correcting carpal tunnel and even cancer treatment. In fact, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program now includes a massage component.” This is huge news for the massage and medical community, as well as people looking for natural remedies.

    Five Benefits of Massage as Alternative Medicine

    • Helps Lower Blood Pressure
    • Helps Aid in Pain Relief for People with Fibromyalgia
    • Helps Ease Cancer Related Fatigue
    • Helps Decrease Pain in Cancer Patience
    • Helps Treat Anxiety and Depression


    We have mentioned a lot of the Benefits of Massage Therapy in several posts, and also have a great list of the Benefits that were put together by one of our health experts. Another way we help shoppers learn more about the benefits is by covering all the great media that is available on the web. Readers can check out our Massage News Around the Web to see all of our educational posts.

    As a leading retailer for massage chairs, and portable massagers, we think it's very important to help everyday people learn how they can live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Of course we advise any person who's interested in massage for medical treatment to consult with their physician to make sure they're healthy enough for massage.

    We're happy to chat with shoppers to help them learn more, and to learn about our wide selection of massage chairs. You can contact us by phone at 888.360.9996, by email at, and through Online Chat (top left).

    ~Massage Chair Experts

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